• Nick Robertson

    I know a lot of people referred to the Na’vi as Thundersmurfs but I think if they dialed back the 80’s design, the Avatar methods of motion control would do wonders for this.
    As we know, nothing in Hollywood is ever dead. Give it time.

  • Big Hungry


    I was thinking the same thing avatar only proves a thundercat movie could work “effect wise that is” I think they could remove enough cheese to get it to work.
    Look at Hellboy that works and I think the same style and approach to hellboy is what is needed here. Just kill snarf in the opening of the movie.

  • Nick Robertson

    It could look pretty awesome. Just looking at Jake in Na’vi form, he looks amazing. Give him a big sword and a mane and you’ve got Liono.

    Thundercats are cool – as you said, just gotta scrape off the cheese – so to speak.

  • jay

    @ big hungry,,,,, awww leave snarf alone lol,

    but on the real yeah i think the only thing that would fuck up this film is if “snarf snarf” is in it….
    yeah they would have to take away the cheese Dialogue from the cartoon, and you have your self a very good fucking movie one thing is for dam sure this movie needs good money behind it i am very very sure they would make there money back,,,, like you guys said with movies like AVATAR,PAN’S LABYRINTH,HELLboy,and oh lets not forget beowulf,,,
    with films like that just goes to show thundercats is easy for them to do,,,,

  • Nick Robertson

    Absolutely. It would be a great action film. We’re getting possibly 3 Tin Tin films, we can have one Thundercats film using the same technology.

  • paulie

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb50GMmY5nk prety awsome for a fan made trailer

  • blacksmoke

    yeah n they could explain the white patches on their faces as war paint. it could work like that

  • Andrew

    Thundercats is a pretty horrible re-watch. Better to leave it as a nice childhood memory that isn’t revisited. I think there is no comparison to Hellboy. Mike Mignola’s stylized artwork gave Hellboy a unique look and feel that del Toro was able to play off of in his Movie. The uninspired 80’s stock animation used for Thundercats doesn’t really offer much to work with in that respect, or in an original story line. It always seemed like too much of a He-Man rip off anyway.

  • jay

    @Andrew,,,,,,, most cartoons form the 80’s is a bad re-watch “Transformers anyone” watch them once more,,but anyway we need somthing new somthing not done yet THUNDERCATS is the way to go i think… Fuck all these remakes off films that dont need it do somthing new and thundercats movie has not been done so bring it on…