Iron Man 2 Trailer


There are some who feel that Jon Favreau’s Iron Man is perhaps the best comic book movie ever made. Although I’m not in that particular camp, I can agree that the first movie was a lot of fun, and that Robert Downey Jr. was the perfect man to play Tony Stark. So what will they do for an encore? Well, I’m not too familiar with the Iron Man comics, so when people started talking about characters like Whiplash and Black Widow entering the mix, it meant absolutely nothing to me. However, with the addition of Mickey Rourke, Scarlett Johansson, Sam Rockwell and Don Cheadle to the cast, I think there are plenty of reasons to be interested.

The first trailer for Iron Man 2 has finally hit the web, and it starts off by playing up Tony Stark’s celebrity lifestyle once again, until eventually Whiplash steps in to ruin his fun. The effects look impressive, but I gotta say… the character looks a little goofy! We also get brief glimpses of Black Widow and War Machine, and maybe a half second shot of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. But hey, this is just the first trailer. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this movie before it hits theatres on May 7th. Either way this looks like money in the bank, and I’m fairly confident that Favreau will deliver once again. Check out the trailer after the jump, or watch it on and let us know what you think.

  • Antho42

    Looks lame.The first one had a good performance by RDJ and good CGI. The storyline was predictable and lackluster. The actions sequences were poorly done. The villain belong in a bad 1980’s action film. The score was bland. The last act look like a Michael Bay film. Iron Man 2 looks like a continuation of this pattern, but with more explosives and characters.

  • Justice

    I really enjoyed the first one…but does everybody in the Iron Man world have the powersuit/chest ring thing going on?

  • so the guy with the wips is that supposed to be omega red?

  • KYriakos


    it practically gives away all the story line..

    The cgi on this one are AWSOME as well

    The plot looks ridiculous enough as the first one (witch i like)

    Mickey Rurke looks AAAAWWWSOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!

    I am not sure Samuel jackson or scarlet johanson were needed…

    they look weird…

    God i love this photo…

  • Photoshop nude pics are disgusting… Sean delete that comment. Anyway, I think it looks good…. just good.

  • Fatbologna

    I think this looks fuckin’ AWESOME! It’s about time they got back to having FUN with these flicks. This has a very Spider-Man 2-ish feel for me. You people are so damn hard to please! It’s no Dark Knight but I would hope that not everyone would try to emulate that film anyway. RDJ is the perfect Tony Stark, Rourke looks ACES, Johansson…yeah, ya got me there, but Paltrow was good in the last one, SAM JACKSON NICK FURY! DON CHEADLE AS WAR MACHINE! COME ON!!! This is Marvel the way Marvel’s meant to be: Fun, Action Packed, Big, Badass and Blockbustery.

    Count me in, mother f’ers!

  • Marc

    This trailer was cool but I wish they showed the earlier leaked trailer, which was way longer and more interesting.

    I guess they’re going to save that for the next one.

  • xego

    Looks like it is going to be fun…not expecting art here.

  • Jason

    I PRAY TO GOD…. that this doesn’t become a pile of crap like Transformers 2. I still wish someone would skin Michael Bay alive.

  • Napalm

    this sure looks fun! :D

  • KYriakos

    hey piss off drew-copper photoshop porn is awsome..

    What ever happened to freedom of porn?

    And moreover this is a liberal blog

  • Tommy

    I’m squeamish about sequels, but this seems to follow up nicely to the first one. Highlights….Mickey Rourke and Black Widow.

  • Teo

    I hope this movie isnt bloated like spiderman 3 was – im excited for it though!

  • reid

    I’m with comment #1 regarding IM 1, and I’ll add “over-the-top unbelievable” to the critique. For all the hype, it was just average and a big disappointment. I can’t believe some people were calling it one of the best movies of the year (including one of the idiots on At The Movies!). I also thought The Dark Knight was a good movie but overrated, so maybe 41 year olds who haven’t read a comic in 30 years aren’t the target demographic….

  • I still wish they stuck with Terrance Howard; but that back-to-back Iron Man / War Machine bit is awesome still. Gonna fish out my old War Machine comics.

  • The Man

    I agree about Terrance Howard. I just don’t buy Don Cheadle in an action role.

    Looks awesome though.

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  • Can’t wait for this to come out! The first one was awesome!

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  • Heavy Brettals

    its not looking bad,but how many times have we been fooled by early trailers.I am just gonna keep my fingers crossed that it turns out as much fun as the first.