Hot Tub Time Machine Theatrical Trailer


It’s still a bit too early to tell, but there’s a chance that Hot Tub Time Machine could end up being next year’s The Hangover. They’re certainly marketing it as a goofy party comedy for guys, and it stars a number of up and coming actors that are on the verge of becoming big stars like Craig Robinson, Clark Duke, and Rob Corddry. Throw a little John Cusack into the mix, and I’m not quite sure what you’ve got. The biggest selling point of all is the brilliantly simple title.

A full theatrical trailer for the movie has hit the web today, and it seems to mix Harold and Kumar with equal parts Bill and Ted. I’m guessing it will be a movie that divides people with its inane concept, but ultimately it will be the performances that make or break it. Personally I’m just hoping it doesn’t rely too much on ’80s jokes. What do you think, is this going to be the must-see comedy of 2010? Hot Tub Time Machine hits theatres on March 19th; the trailer is embedded after the jump.

  • swarez

    With all the resources they have today why can’t people recreate the 80’s look? None of the 80’s people looked like they were in the 80’s. They looked like modern people in trendy threads.

  • Marc

    I love the principal actors involved but the premise sounds overly silly.

    I’ll wait for the reviews to roll in before getting excited for this.

  • xego

    Looks ok I’ll watch it at home…

  • Goon

    if its good, its going to be in spite of a really really bad trailer focusing on the most obvious gags

  • Napalm

    this could be fun (in a silly way) or really really bad.

  • Jackson

    I’m naming a band Hot Tub Time Machine.