James Cameron to Produce Fantastic Voyage Remake


A couple of days ago we posted a short news story about James Cameron being involved in a new futuristic sci-fi action movie written by Shane Salerno. At the time, there was speculation that it might be Doomsday Protocol, a previously announced project written by Salerno, but today we have learned what the mysterious project will actually be: a remake of Richard Fleischer’s 1966 sci-fi film Fantastic Voyage.

Variety reports that Cameron will not direct, but that he is planning to use the same 3-D technology as Avatar — even going so far as to re-use the same “CG mountains, plants, trees, leaves, flowers, bugs”! The movie centers on a scientist who is left comatose after an attempt on his life. His colleagues must shrink down using his own experimental technology and inject themselves into his blood stream to help save his life.

Roland Emmerich was attached to direct the remake once upon a time, but currently it is looking like Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall) may helm the project. If nothing else, it sounds like we can certainly expect some mind-blowing visuals. What do you think, is Fantastic Voyage about due for a remake, and are Cameron and Singh the right team to do it?

  • Fantastic Voyage + “same Avatar CG mountains, plants, trees, leaves, flowers, bugs”! = DOES NOT COMPUTE, DOES NOT COMPUTE, ERROR, ERROR

  • swarez

    I liked it better when it was remade as Inner Space.

  • Chris

    This could be good, if done right. No cheesy lines and add some realism.

  • xego

    Unless he can remake a young Raquel Welch I why bother? Although it does lend itself to a lot of possibility in 3-D…

  • Mike

    Magic Schoolbus

  • Big Hungry

    I would rather him make one movie that connects all of his movies together in the same universe. That would be the boldest move any director has ever done.

    So how does the terminator connect up to titanic and true lies? How does Piranha II connect up to the Abyss and to the other? I do not know but that would be wild to see.

  • you just said it, its all there: Titanic: True Lies – Terminator travels back in time and is the real cause of the Titanic sinking, the only way the characters are saved is by a mutant form of arctic steel-eating Piranha, we think our heroes drown only to be saved by an underwater being…

  • tp ne

    F.V. might actually be worthwhile –but then Cameron’s
    been stale for decades -going for the hack FX.

    And NEWSFLASH -with his over-produced circle-jerk slop
    running at almost half a billion a pop -he’s undoubtedly receiving massive financing and market favors from the most awesomly genocidal regime in
    history —across the Pacific!

    We wonder if those -uh- ‘missing’ 70 million people
    ever bother him?

    Probably NOT…