Rumours Run Wild About Possibility of a New Star Wars Movie


To call yourself a hardcore Star Wars fan in an age where the prequel trilogy has come and gone, is to admit to being a glutton for punishment. After seeing Star Wars: The Clone Wars in theatres last year, I have no idea how anyone could possibly be excited about another Star Wars movie in the foreseeable future. The franchise is at a real low point right now, and yet… all it takes is one wild, unfounded rumour to whip the internet into a frenzy once again.

Ain’t It Cool News recently discovered an interesting post on the personal blog of musician Thomas Dolby, who wrote the theme song to Howard the Duck back in the ’80s. It seems that he has been given a small glimpse of what’s to come for the Star Wars franchise, courtesy of Paul Sebastien, producer at Lucasarts:

“Last night he was telling me a little about the forthcoming Star Wars-related TV show, movie and online games—very cool indeed. I’m not a huge fan myself (and definitely not a gamer) but it sounds like Mr Lucas has got his head into a good place.”

Wait — did you catch that? He said “movie”! We know about the live action Star Wars TV series, but this is the first time someone has mentioned the possibility of another Star Wars movie. Or is it? My guess is that Dolby was probably talking about the 3-D re-release of the original Star Wars trilogy, which Lucas has mentioned in past interviews. I can’t imagine that we’d have another live action movie anytime soon (although another animated one isn’t out of the question). What do you think, could Lucas be starting development on Episodes 7, 8 and 9, or perhaps a movie to bridge the gap between the two existing trilogies? And if so, is that actually something worth getting excited about?

  • rjdelight

    Do people really think we won’t see another Star Wars story on the big screen? It’ll happen eventually, Lucas would be stupid not to make another.

  • I wouldn’t be too surprised if another came. Doubt I’d be that interested either.

  • ShenEvil44

    Lucas said in an interview that there is no Episode 7(or 8 and 9 for that fact). He only wanted to make 6 installments and that’s it. As long as he’s alive, no more initial Star Wars movies.

  • Napalm

    i say bring another movie!

  • KeithTalent

    I wish they would do what Jay said (can’t remember when), which is make a new movie with someone else at the helm.

    It’s apparent that Lucas has no idea what the hell he is doing anymore, yet there are interesting things still existing within the universe that could turn into an interesting movie in the hands of a sane person.

    Unfortunately it also seems apparent that Lucas would never relinquish control of the franchise. A shame really because having this franchise revitalizes by someone else would probably bring him even more dough than he gets now.

  • BigHungry

    You can not deny that Lucas created an awesome world even though it has its issues and low points. The only hope for this is that Lucas does not direct it. I think Lucas is a good high level concept guy, but he does not have the fine touch to make the small details work. The Empire Strikes back is the best movie in this series and Lucas did not direct it.

  • If they do it will probably be just another animated film.

    But, to be honest, I really don’t want to see another Star Wars film. IMO the saga is complete.

  • Mike

    how about a Dreamworks animated Ewoks movie, where Ewoks talk and get into all kinds of mischief. Seth Rogen will probably do a voice for it.

  • I’d love to see Lucas continue the saga by featuring a story in which there is peace throughout the galaxy. And we see a grizzled Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford, of course) flying alone in his Millennium Falcon and dealing with an existential crisis. He has long divorced Princess Leia and his faithful sidekick Chewie is now a much loved rug. Voice over narration by Solo carries the story which has Solo struggling to recapture the excitement of his youth. Instead, the overbearing indifference of outer space leaves him with nothing but time on his hands.

  • Mike

    i smell a fan script…

  • Tommy

    Peter Jackson would give the Star Wars universe much deserved uplift. I need VII, VIII and IX for it to be complete.

  • Matt

    There were rumors flying around that the Star Wars: Unleashed video game about Darth Vader’s apprentice would eventually become a movie, because the storyline of the game was supposedly very good. It apperently bridges episode 3 to episode 4. I never played it and have no interest in it anyway, because the reviews were mixed.
    And besides checking that link again reveals that he was mistaken about a movie being in the works.

  • Nate

    I’d watch it.

  • Matt

    Yeah 7, 8, and 9 are not likely to happen simply because we know what happens for like 50 plus years after Return of the Jedi due to books and comics. Sure, Lucas could render that all obsolete whenever he wanted, but that would simply piss off loads of people and probably end having less people buy EU material in the long run.

    Letting someone else take creative control would be the smart thing, and I would like to see stand alone films with all new characters in the SW universe. I think these new SW film rumors will continue to persist just like the 80s and 90s were full of all sorts of crazy prequel rumors.

    Also, I can’t belive that Sean is using the Clone Wars movie as a comparison for what another live action fully fledged SW release would be like. Would be like saying a new James Bond movie will suck because he did not like the James Bond Jr. cartoon.

  • Brett

    Lucas once said he never planned to have a sequel to Star Wars.

    “Lucas hadn’t planned to make any more of the movies, but he had adopted the serial structure as part of a larger conceit in which Lucas filled his feature with cinematic allusions.” Wapshott, Nicholas (May 23 1980). “The Recipe Is Not Quite As Before”. The Times. p. 11.

    It may not be happening now but until Lucas dies, don’t count out the fact that he has changed his mind a lot about his “world” of Star Wars. I personally don’t think he’s done by a long shot.

  • I wasn’t saying that The Clone Wars is an indication of what the next live action movie will be like. I was just saying that I can’t believe people are still excited about Star Wars in general, because it’s really hit rock bottom as of late.

  • Justice

    Yeah, the Clone Wars movie was lackluster because it wasn’t even supposed to be a movie, but the animated series is actually really awesome.

    Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing more movies, but maybe let someone else handle the direction (and maybe script writing).

  • Hugo

    Great, another steaming pile from Lucas. Star Wars was killed the past four movies. If Lucas would change his name to ” im a whore and do anything for money”. It may worth going to the movies. Other than that. Move on Lucas. Ever Forward!

  • Henrik

    I liked Episode 2 and 3 more than 4, 5, 1 and 6.

  • xego

    I could get behind this actually. It makes sense to me. I would like it to be Rated R and open with a scene with Haden what’s his name (the winer) knocking Jar Jar on his ass and pumping some lazer blasts (or is it phaser?) to his head so we can see it pop.

    ok but really I mean I could really see Lucas wanting to do another to answer his critics. I mean lord knows the man has got enough feed back to work from. I would love to see one more awesome one that made up for the others..x

  • xego

    Sorry I forgot to make the point that it sounded like to me that the Thomas Dolby quote was probably misconstrued.

  • Bratwurst

    @ Sean. Hit rock bottom? why is that?

  • I don’t know what’s funnier: that this rumor was apparently started by Thomas Dolby or that you refer to him as “the guy who did the soundtrack to Howard The Duck.” LMAO!

  • Maopheus

    There is no reason why Lucas would have to stick to the future that the novels laid out. The Star Trek novels are not considered part of the official canon so I don’t know why the Star Wars novels wouldn’t be either. Even though those Timothy Zahn novels were a big deal, far more people would see the movies than have read the books. Besides each successive novel series diminishes and dilutes the impact of that first Zahn series. I really don’t think the impact of people buying/not buying Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff is going to weigh much on any decision to produce 7, 8 and 9. The profits from those three movies would outweigh by many times the profits from a few novels and games. Besides, I’m sure Lucas has pissed off many fans already by redoing the effects for E4-6, re-cutting E4 by adding in the Jabba scene, E6 with the extra final scenes, etc. He doesn’t care about that, because it’s his party, and he’ll cry if he wants to, and he’s been proven right because he still has an audience and in fact he’s building a new, younger audience with the Clone War stuff.

  • SharkyRivethead

    Many years ago, in my youth, Lucas had said that there was to be 9 movies. It was not till after SW Phantom Menace he said he was not going to direct any more. Yet, he saw them through. I do recall that G.L. said he would not direct anymore movies. That there was no script written for 7-9. But I also recall that Lucas said he would pass the reigns to someone else…to some manner.
    SW The Force Unleashed “was” an official chapter in the SW Universe. Placing it between 3 and 4. Hence the books, action figures, graphic novels and comics. It was sanctioned by G.L. as an official chapter. There has always been speculation there would be SW based on the bounty hunters (well Boba Fett) and their adventures. There is so much to be told. Though the movies have always been about the Skywalker family, there is a lot more that can be turned into movies.

  • alpoc

    seems like hearsay. but if true…let’s get away from anakin, we all know he becomes darth vader, does terrible things, has a split second of goodness, & is now a blue glowing ghost thingy.

    please mr lucas, re cast luke, leia, & han & do the timothy zahn trilogy. also let some one else write the script & direct…..most of the star wars movie dialect sucks.

  • shaun

    i say bring 3 more come on lucas dont be silly

  • They did release a movie for the animated clone wars, so they could do the same to kick off the live action series, but it would feel more like a TV movie, not a proper star wars film.

  • gewel

    Lucas Films and Star Wars is just too huge for ‘it’ to not make more films or other, in the star wars universe.

    no matter how disappointed those of us that have love for the originals, lucas came out saying that he created them for kids. guess what, some of us were lucky enough to be kids when we got to see them and we were swept away. decades later he went back to the universe and brought out a trilogy in the same vein. if you ask any child under 13 they will tell you that the films were awesome, spectacular or amazing. ok so we we’re not blown away. they were not meant for “us”

    for the other products in this universe there is the “pre star wars universe’, knights of the old republic. the hype on the pc/console games since 2003 has been huge. now with the upcoming MMO “the old republic” the hype is huge once more. with the universe that has been created the future and past hold much fodder to keep an empire going for many generations. it would be nice for others to help in the creative process with mr. lucas like ep V & VI. lucas lets the comic book, book and video game world go wild, with lucas’s approval of course. so i look forward to others playing in the sandbox.

    always looking forward to their next creative project even if im not thrilled about it. because it’s SW, i know someone some where will be.