John Malkovich to Play The Vulture, Anne Hathaway The Vulturess in Spider-Man 4?


It looks like our dream of seeing Larry David play The Vulture in a future Spider-Man movie is about to be shattered. Word on the street is that John Malkovich is the latest actor to enter into discussions for a role in the upcoming Spider-Man 4, and all signs indicate that he is currently in negotiations to play Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture. Still, if we can’t have Larry David, I suppose Malkovich would make a pretty solid choice.

Now, there’s a second part to this story that I suspect may send some fanboys into a rage. According to Movieline, Anne Hathaway is still a frontrunner to play the role of Felicia Hardy, however, it seems that Sam Raimi and Co. are considering a somewhat different direction for her character. Instead of becoming the Black Cat, her alter-ego will be a new villain known as The Vulturess. Yep, a female sidekick that sounds like something straight out of the Adam West TV series.

There is speculation based on another earlier report, that they might actually be a father-daughter team. I know the gut reaction from many will be that this is stupid, but I would think that by now they’ve had enough good writers working on this project to brainstorm something cool. Maybe they just shouldn’t use the name Felicia Hardy. What do you think… are you excited to see The Vulture involved anyway, or is a break from comic book canon justification for instant dismissal?

  • Captain N

    It seems almost pointless to reinvent Felicia Hardy into something that isn’t the Black Cat. I have a feeling this rumor isn’t true. I can’t imagine Raimi distorting a character like the Black Cat after the backlash he got with Spiderman 3. It seems like lots of people have been waiting to see the Black Cat in the movies, so she must be more popular then I had originally thought.

  • rjdelight

    Indeed, Malkovich would make a pretty sweet Vulture. If this is true it’s cool that Raimi is going with a villian not on everyone’s radar. Althought, I still would have liked to see The Lizard storyline.

    As for Vultress, still not sure on that one. I’m not out-right opposed but it seems strange to take an existing Marvel charater and reshape them into someting else. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have the Vultress not be Felicia Hardy and just be a new character altogether?

  • Greg

    I’m fairly certain that this will turn out to be nothing.

  • Brendan

    I can hear Jay pissing himself with glee. More comic book movie “2% chance” casting news!
    Anyway, I don’t mind if they make Felicia Hardy the Vulture’s sidekick, but just keep her as Black Cat. What, are they afraid that the public won’t buy it because vultures and cats don’t hang around together in nature?

  • Big Hungry

    I’m smelling spidey 3

  • Maopheus

    I’m just finding it very difficult to picture any way for them to make the Vulture seem like a bad-ass villain.

  • rjdelight

    @ Maopheus

    The Vulture becomes a bad-ass villain when they cast John Malkovich.

  • Another comic book non-news item. Hey did anyone hear that Reed Farrington is in talks to replace Tobey Maguire?

  • stupidhead

    Malkovich is terrible. A fat vulture couldn’t fly. Jackie Earle Haley would be much better.

    However, the Vulture is the new bad guy.

  • I could give two shits about super hero movies, especially Spider-Man movies, but my nonexistent God, I would go out of my way to see this movie if Larry David played the Vulture. It could actually work. And I know I’m in the minority when I say I think the Nolan Batman franchise is conservative and bland. But if they had the balls to make Eddie Murphy The Riddler as that one odd rumour once said, I’d forgive the series and watch the next installment.

    That’s my two cents.

  • Goon

    lets start our own rumors for once

    Ed Norton is…. Mysterio
    Crispin Glover is… Electro
    Billy Corgan is… Morbius

  • Just to be clear, there are ridiculous rumours that we post for a laugh, and then there are rumours with some substance behind them. This one seems to have some substance (ie. it’s not just from some British tabloid).

  • Napalm

    wasn’t The Lizard supposed to be the villain for this one?

  • The article claims that the studio execs think The Lizard will look too “weird” and would rather have a more human villain as the central baddie.

  • kyriakos

    Curtis Connors was born in Coral Gables, Florida. He was a gifted surgeon who enlisted in the army and was sent off to war. He performed emergency battlefield surgery on wounded GIs, but his right arm was injured in a blast and had to be amputated. After his return to civilian life as a research technologist, he became obsessed with uncovering the secrets of reptilian limb regeneration and studied reptilian biology extensively. From his home in the Florida Everglades, he finally developed an experimental serum taken from reptilian DNA. He successfully regrew the missing limb of a rabbit and then, despite the warnings of his wife Martha, chose to test it on himself. Connors ingested the formula and his missing arm did indeed grow back. The formula had a side effect; Connors was subsequently transformed into a reptilian humanoid monster. Spider-Man discovered this situation during a trip to Florida to investigate newspaper reports of the Lizard. Spidey was then able to use Connors’ notes to create an antidote to restore him to his human form and mentality

    Fuck it I WANT lizard!!!!!!!

    i want to see a man getting amputated in fucking iraq war i wanna see a good man slowly transformed into a fucking lizard and everyone around him abandon him

    I DONT WANNA SEE another FUCKING NERD WHO BUilds a fucking suit and becomes a villain FUCK THIS!

  • Henrik

    I think either could be a good villain, but it does seem kind of lame if the studio is just like “it’ll look weird”.

  • kyriakos

    what a pile of green crap..

    Hm.. lets see..

    what looks more weird?

    A bald guy in a green bird suite..
    or a human eating giant scary and repulsive lizard?

    excuse me but the real reason behind that choice is the ”ll look weird” argument then they should seriously go fuck them selves.

    The lizard is not that weird looking if you compare it to other characters we ve seen on screen (like hellboy Megatron or Nic Cage.)

    And moreover a lizard is not just gonna pop out of nothing and start killing people

    The hole movie is going to be based upon that human like character and the final transformation will probably take place in the last 20 minutes or so.

    Brendan Gleeson will be the best choise for lizard.