An Early Review of MacGruber Is… Positive?

Will Forte, Kristen Wiig

The evil genius Dieter Von Cunth is on the loose with a diabolical plan to acquire and detonate a nuclear warhead. Only one man can stop him. It’s time for MacGruber to get on his feet and pound some cunth!

Over at The Vertex Blog, Amir Bednarsh has been so fortunate as to get into an early screening of the newest SNL-feature film MacGruber. Okay, so some might raise an eyebrow as to the fortunate part, but in truth, it seems Amir actually was fortunate, as MacGruber has broken SNL-tradition and is actually … good? Yes, that’s right, Amir goes so far as to claim this the best SNL-flick since Wayne’s World — but then again, have there even been any half-decent films since Wayne’s World anyway? Here’s an excerpt of the review (no spoilers):

When given the opportunity to see an early screening of MacGruber, I was wary that it would follow in the path of prior Saturday Night Live films. Most sketch concepts generally flourish when they’re just that – sketches. A full-length comedy falls into the trap of relying on the same old recycled jokes to the point where you not only loathe the film, but you retroactively dislike the sketches they were based on. You might not believe me when I tell you this, but there’s no doubt: MacGruber was amazing…

…Forte, who plays MacGruber with a perfect mix of confidence and ignorance, portrays a character with more depth and personality than has ever been established in the short SNL sketches. In addition, the writing for Forte’s character is smart, quick, and witty, albeit sometimes asinine…

…MacGruber is the best SNL film since Wayne’s World back in 1992. It manages to take the concept of the original sketch and infuse it with new life…

So a positive review, eh? That’s surprising to say the least. But hey, SNL might just turn things around! The movie is being directed and co-written by Jorma Taccone from The Lonely Island after all, the comedy troupe that has more or less single-handedly kept SNL just remotely funny over the last couple of years with their digital skits like “Jizz In My Pants” and “We Like Sportz”. Still, it’s an early screening Amir attended, so things can still very much change and the final product could be crap, it all depends on what kind of audience the studio is aiming for and what kind of test audience ends up making the calls on what’s funny and what isn’t. What are the odds MacGruber actually ends up being decent?

  • Greg

    Stuart Saves His Family was quite funny.

  • rjdelight

    Let’s not forget that Jorma Taccone is writing and directing. He’s shown a lot of promise so far and seems way better than the ususal folk who helm SNL movies.

  • Brendan

    Is Richard Dean Anderson in it?

  • Goon

    I love Will Forte, he has an awkward bizarre style unique to the SNL cast that also gels well with the Lonely Islands immature internet humor style. It could be shit but it turning out to be awesome would not surprise me either.

  • “I love Will Forte” you need to see The Brothers Soloman if you have not – underrated

  • rjdelight

    Is it going to be R rated as originally rumored?

  • Goon

    “you need to see The Brothers Soloman if you have not – underrated”

    I own it and have seen it 4 times. Its a ‘guilty pleasure’ I guess, but I don’t feel guilty.

  • Goon

    IMDB threads have other positive reviews from the screening.


  • kronenberghead

    im making a kenan and kel movie. beat that.