Reed Farrington’s Christmas Wish List


Here are some Christmas gift ideas that I’ve already purchased for myself (since everyday is more or less Christmas for me). But if you have any Reed Farrington-type guys in your life, then you might consider one or all of these gift items:

1. Gort 16-Inch Resin Statue – The Day the Earth Stood Still


This is supposedly a limited edition of 1,951 statues; however, the cheaply printed Certificate of Authenticity in mine didn’t have a number indicating which of the 1,951 statues in the production line that I bought. This item seems rather abundant in Ontario, Canada, because if you go to a Winners or HomeSense, then you’re bound to find this item selling at a reduced price of $19.99, which is a bargain considering that it’s selling on sale at Monsters in Motion for $75.00, which is 50% off its regular price.

Note that this is a statue and not an action figure. So Gort can’t do anything, not even raise its visor, but Gort didn’t do very much in the movie either. Oh, I should mention that this is Gort from the 1951 film; thus, the significance of the supposedly 1,951 statues produced.

Some of you youngsters might wonder why anyone would want of these, but for old-timer geeks, the sight of Gort in black and white melting tanks with a beam from its eye was pretty thrilling.

I guess I should mention that there’s an 8.5” wind-up motion Gort with a moveable visor selling for $14.99. And also a 5” metal statue, in either dull grey or special edition nickel-plated, for $9.99. (Yes, I bought them all. I love Gort.)

2. Lt. Uhura Barbie – Star Trek


Earlier in the year, I had this item in my list of top ten new Star Trek toys that I had to have. I tried to find this Barbie in stores around the Buffalo area across the border from me when it first came out shortly after the movie opened. No one seemed to carry this product in stores around me except for one place that was selling it for $75.

Well, I resisted ordering this off the Internet and it seems my patience has paid off. Even with the success of the Star Trek movie, it seems that Star Trek toys weren’t selling very well. Now it looks like the overstock of Star Trek Barbies got dumped into Canada and perhaps in other non-American countries as well. The Canadian Toys “R” Us web-site originally had the Star Trek Barbies on sale for $39.99 for a limited time. But I assume they weren’t flying out of the stockrooms, because it’s no longer a limited time offer. And now it seems that all the Toys “R” Us store outlets have the Star Trek Barbies available on their shelves for $39.99 each.

I predict that if you save your Christmas money, then you’ll probably be able to pick up these Star Trek Barbies next year for less than $39.99. My patience is limited, so I ended up picking up Uhura, Kirk, and Spock.

3. Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the whole wide world has seen the A Charlie Brown Christmas special. There’s something endearing about the scraggly Christmas tree that Charlie Brown ends up getting. So when I was across the border at a F.Y.E. store and I saw a triangular box containing an official Peanuts Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, I just had to have it! I don’t normally buy on impulse, but I wasn’t sure I would see this item available in Canada. So I plunked down my $19.99.

Hasty decisions often end in regrets. When I got back home, I opened the box and pulled out my Christmas tree which required some assembly. That is, screwing a brown taped wire with fake green pine needle tufts into two slats of balsa wood set perpendicular to each other. And hanging the red ball ornament. There’s probably like $2.00 of materials at most. Not quite sure what I was expecting. In retrospect, I suppose I could have made a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

You can purchase this tree for $10.04, slightly more than half of what I paid for it, at the Sears website. At least I saved on shipping costs.

Jay did point out the irony to me that the message of the A Charlie Brown Christmas special was that Christmas is not about commerciality. And here I am having bought an overpriced item based on the Christmas special.

4. Linus Techno Plush – 2009 What Christmas is All About – Peanuts


It might seem like I’m pushing Peanuts product with this second Peanuts item. It sort of makes a good addition to the Christmas tree although it’s not in proper scale to it. And I like talking plush items. By pressing Linus’ left foot, Linus recites what Christmas is all about from the A Charlie Brown Christmas special. There’s also available a plush toy of Charlie Brown and one of Sally in their Christmas pageant regalia.

These are official Hallmark products, so I don’t understand why I couldn’t find these plush toys for sale on Hallmark’s official web-site. I picked mine up at a local Hallmark store outlet. They’re $9.95 each. Some Hallmark stores have a two for $15.95 special.

With the ongoing popularity of Peanuts merchandise, I wonder why there hasn’t been a recent Peanuts animated film or even a live-action film attempt. There have been four feature-length animated Peanuts films, the last one being released in 1980! Maybe Robert Zemeckis will make a 3D animated Peanuts film. Might be cool to see Snoopy as The Red Baron flying his doghouse towards the audience.

» Buy it from Ornaments 4 Less

5. Hofner Contemporary HCT 500/1 Beatle Bass


Okay, these gift items are supposed to be film-related since this is a film site, so including this item as well as the Peanuts items might be a stretch. But Paul McCartney’s Hofner bass has appeared in the Beatles films and even in Paul’s own solo film, Give My Regards to Broad Street. And there has been resurgence in popularity for The Beatles. And I am a Beatlemaniac.

This is kind of pricey at $850.00 CDN, but it’s for The Beatles fan who has everything. I must confess that I haven’t purchased this item although I did purchase the Xbox 360 The Beatles: Rock Band Limited Edition Premium Bundle that included the Hofner replica.

» Buy it from The Twelfth Fret

So what’s on your Christmas wish list?

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  • how old are you again?

  • Paul Andrews

    Good Post Reed. Gift suggestions are always welcome at this time of year !

  • Henrik

    Don’t you feel pretty freaky when you buy 3 Star Trek Barbie dolls are 40 dollars each? I mean at the cash register, don’t you wish you were wearing your Darth Vader costume or something?

    I’m just kidding Reed, you should come to Danmark this summer and please bring your Star Trek turtle figures so I can look at them.

  • rus in chicago, I’m 47 in dog years. Hopefully, I’ll reach puberty in the next decade.

    Thx, Paul Andrews. I was prepared to add more gift ideas, but Film Junk will have its own list of gift ideas coming up, I believe.

    Henrik, I’ll tell you something embarrassing. In Canada and I’m sure other countries, retailers offer to give you “gift receipts” without the price of items so that you can give the gift recipient the gift receipt in case he or she needs to exchange the item. Well, whenever I’m offered the gift receipt when I purchase a toy, I decline the gift receipt which in effect is me admitting that the toy purchase is for myself! To save my embarrassment, I suppose I could lie, but it’s not in my nature to lie (unless it protects someone else).

  • xego

    Hello Reed,
    When are you going to be on the podcast again? Perhaps you should use some of that disposable income to buy yourself a steel collar to protect your larynx…on the subject of disposable income I have to say that I am in awe of your’s and Jay’s ability to spend copious amounts of money on your hobbies. I wish there was an HMV or what ever you call it around here I would switch careers in a heartbeat. x

  • for the record I spent like 50 bucks on booze last weekend so I totally understand were their hobby money comes from…I need to start forcing myself to use DVD covers as coasters!

  • Hi Xego, I guess I’ll be on the podcast again when there’s an interesting movie that I’d like to see and there’s an opening to appear. I haven’t been scheduled for any upcoming podcasts, yet.

    In my case, my disposable money comes from living like a homeless person even though I own a home. Also never borrow money. Save your money and invest it. Then only spend the interest.

    Um, I don’t think working at HMV will give you much disposable income. Only discounts on Blu-ray discs and CDs.

  • Justice

    I was gonna make fun when I realized I have spent up to $50-75 for records somewhat frequently and routinely spend $250 on jeans so I’ll just be quiet.

  • Henrik

    Save money on stuff like clothes, but don’t deny yourself drugs and alcohol. They will better your world far more than Barbie dolls and jeans.

  • oh reed. perfect, beautiful, without as much as a single flaw.


  • xego

    This is fun…would be funnier over drinks…Reed if you started selling all your memorabilia on Ebay you could make a fortune..but then again you could also create a glut that could negatively affect the price of such collectibles.

  • I have this fear that after my death, my brother will have a garage sale and sell all my stuff for a $100.

    I’ve thought about putting price tags on all my stuff for my brother’s sake, but the irony is that it would probably take me the rest of my life to complete the task.