Entourage: The Movie?


Almost everyone agrees that HBO’s Entourage has gone downhill over the last few seasons, but realistically, I’m not too disappointed about that fact. The show is essentially half-hour junk food, and I’ve learned not to expect too much from it. I continue to watch and enjoy it for what it is, and although they are clearly stretching themselves to come up with new and different storylines, the characters still feel like close friends that I simply enjoy spending time with.

When asked about the show at the premiere for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones this week, executive producer Mark Wahlberg hinted that it is definitely winding down. He feels that Entourage has maybe two seasons left, however, he also dropped an interesting bombshell: apparently the show may end with a feature-length movie! It’s unclear if this would be a theatrical release or not, but considering the popularity of the show (which is still growing) I don’t think it is out of the question.

Despite my general feeling that the show works best in small doses, I can’t help but be intrigued by the prospect. Maybe they will end with Vince doing another Aquaman sequel, and the Entourage “movie” will actually be the entire fake Aquaman flick? Now that would be meta! Either way considering the fact that Entourage is basically Sex and the City for guys, and considering how well that movie did, I don’t see why Vinnie and the boys shouldn’t do a movie of their own. What do you think? Are you still watching Entourage, and is a movie a good way to go out?

  • SirPrize

    I’m still watching and enjoying it for the same reasons. Probably the perfect series to relax with because of the great pictures (mostly L.A.) and the good soundtracks.

  • Napalm

    i’m all in for this! the show still hasn’t overstayed its welcome, so i can take 2 more seasons. and then a movie with could nicely end it all. as for the plot, they could condense a season’s main story arch into the movie.

  • Jackson

    I think they should do one more awesome season and end on a high note with a feature. The last two seasons have picked up the boot straps from the awful hump season 3 (pun intended). Ending it next season would leave a good legacy.

  • Chris

    I really liked the end of season six and where it looked to be heading, so yeah, I’m still in too.


    Definitely gotta love Entourage.

  • Joe

    I still watch it, and I think that the last season was a big improvement on season 5, but a movie? I guess it could work.

  • last season was shit shit shit, every “E storyline” is badly written, boring and poorly acted.

  • I’ve already got the Entourage movie. Jay got me C*ntourage for my birthday, and what rus in chicago said about last season, I would have to say applies to this movie as well.

  • Falsk

    “C*ntourage”, huh? For the man who has everything…

    And HEY! Entourage isn’t JUST for guys. Though I may be the only female that really enjoys it…. although thank GOD for it winding down. The last season was just painful, especially the season finale. Ugh. Marriage? Lame.

    They may as well milk it while they can… but I feel the same was about this as an Arrested Development movie– can shows that work well at the 25 minute mark really be stretched out to 120? I guess so, but we’ll see.

  • Kasper

    Loving the show. Would love a movie, but would prefer for it to just keep going. I find all seasons to be about equal and consistent in quality.

  • JJ

    All guys thet watch Entourage are DOUCHEBAGS! Yes, ALL!!!!!