Universal to Introduce Blu-ray/DVD Combo Discs Next Year


Although this holiday season will probably be a big one for Blu-ray players, studios are still struggling to boost sales of their Blu-ray discs. Universal is hoping that they will be able to make high-definition purchases more attractive to consumers next year when they start introducing Blu-ray/DVD “flipper” discs for many of their major releases. These discs will have two versions of the movie on opposite sides, one that plays in any standard DVD player, and one that is a high-definition format for Blu-ray players only. Their first dual-sided release will be The Bourne Trilogy, hitting stores on January 19th.

This is obviously quite similar to the HD-DVD Combo discs that Universal was pushing a couple of years ago, and could be a good move, although I worry that it will also have the same problem as the HD-DVD Combo discs: the price tag. The last thing consumers want to see right now is higher prices on Blu-rays. Some people also don’t like the idea of dual-sided discs as they can lead to more scratches and general wear and tear. What do you think, does a dual-format disc make the transition to Blu-ray easier? Are you more likely to buy these new flipper discs, or would you rather just stick to one format or the other?

  • Goon

    I like the idea for a number of reasons

    if you wanted to lend a movie to a friend if they dont have Blu Ray then they can still watch it… if you still have extra dvd players around the house or portable, etc then you can still use it, etc.

    The only issue is wear and tear

  • Johnny

    terrible idea. it didn’t work with dvd…or hd-dvd…why would it work with blu ray? leave the format alone…the problem is the premium price, not that people want these shitty dual sided discs…for fuck sake.

  • BigHungry

    I would like the idea if they had the dvd as an individual disc only. Disney is doing this right.

    I hate double sided discs and get pissed when I see them after opening the package.
    HORRIBLE IDEA and I will not buy any double sided disc – if I know about it.

  • Chris

    If I have a Blu-Ray player why do I need a DVD copy? If anyone cares THAT much then they’ll just buy a BD player.

  • Daemon

    Totally agree with Goon and for his specific reasons. Saying you don’t like dual sided DVD’s and will not buy them because of the “wear and tear” is ridiculous. I have plenty of dual sided DVDs and they are all in the exact same condition as my single sided discs. If you treat your discs like drink coasters expect them to be beat to shit, treat them like you paid $30 for them and you won’t have that problem.

    I totally agree that the price tag is a deal breaker in most cases. I like the idea of a separate disc. Lots of companies are already including the bullshit digital copy disc, this seems like a better idea.

  • Captain N

    I agree with Bighungry.

  • Swarez

    Separate disc or get the eff out of here.

  • BigHungry

    My case in point – I just bought the original “V” series on dvd and I am pissed. $9 bucks at target and still pissed.

    The things I love about Blu-ray is not worrying about if I grabbed the full screen version on accident… and no flip discs! Of course the quality of the video and audio is good….

  • Aslan

    Grrr.. I hope not. I usually try and buy stuff with individual BD/DVD disks when possible so that i can enjoy the BD and the rest of the family can enjoy the DVD.