Disney Plans The Black Hole Remake with Tron Legacy Team


It’s hard to believe that a $26 million movie was once the most expensive Disney movie ever made, but such was the case with The Black Hole, a 1979 sci-fi extravaganza that was essentially their response to Star Wars. The movie was slammed by critics but it did turn a profit and also pioneered some interesting special effects at the time. Unfortunately the film hasn’t aged well and has been largely forgotten over the years, which makes it a suitable candidate for (you guessed it!) a remake.

THR’s Heat Vision Blog reports that the team behind their upcoming Tron sequel will also be heading up a reinvention of The Black Hole. This includes Joseph Kosinski, the director of Tron Legacy, along with producer Sean Bailey and screenwriter Travis Beacham. Part of their approach will involve grounding the story in some real world science, apparently. This project will take the place of Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake, which is being shelved for the time being. I’m loving what I’ve seen of Tron Legacy so far (which admittedly isn’t much), so I suppose I have some interest in this even though I’ve never seen the original. What do you think, can Disney make The Black Hole cool again? Check out a trailer for the original film after the jump.

  • The Het

    I am so excited! This is my favorite film of all time!

  • Mrespony

    The set design in this movie is incredible. The Cygnus is probably my favorite movie space ship of all time. I saw this in the theater as a kid and have loved it ever since. I will admit it has some pretty goofy robots and bad dialogue but the story of a mad Captain Nemo in space who turns the entire crew into zombie-like servants, who sics his propellor-clawed devilbot on all who oppose is bad ass. Here’s hoping they do a nice update and keep with the gothic look of the original.

  • Brendan

    I don’t know, I’m getting a feeling like it’ll be like the “Lost in Space” movie. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Mike

    Fabulous movie, both Tron and The Black Hole were unfairly treated by critics at the time. Both have a lot of scope, imagination and potential…as long as the remakes are done properly. In terms of the Black Hole in particular being blasted by the Critics- Well, their opinion of course, but the criticsm was way over the top and the movie was far better than given credit for.
    You want a TRUELY bad movie that needs a remake…or at least a decent Make in the first place? Judge Dredd! There was a shockingly awful movie that wasted fantastic concept material!

  • Xris

    The Black Hole was and is in my mind a great movie. Iremember watching it when i as a child and loving it, heck at that time my parents recorded it onto video and i would some times watch it.

    Though 2007-08 i up till then had forgotten it and found it in one of the music stores with others ondvd going cheap and couldn’t resist the pull of buying it.

    Though for some strange reason i always thought my sister liked it and it was only till i asked her did i find out that she hated the robot maximalion or just max. My i always like him and the other two vincent and old bob.
    That and when max and rhinhart merge together gave me a weird cyborg fixation for a while or mecha fixation.

    So if they did do a remake i wonder how the three robots would be turned out, like using a mix of CGI and models keeping the same appearance or total upgrade giving them a more interesting look.
    Though i think there should be more of a differance showing between vincent and old bob as bob is an older model though both having the same general shell but more diffenancesto show a improvemnt.

    That said i could see max getting even more evil looking as my sister would say.

    Though it would be interesting to see how they explain what rhinhart does with the crew. Like imprisoning them and turning them into cyborgs or during the mutiny endsup killing them and in remorse turns them into what we havenow.
    that or near or fatially wounding the crew and then turns then.
    heck seeing them get turned into the cyborgs would be something.

    and for irony when max is built rhinhart either uses his or the captains brian waves hence why max betrays rhinhart in the end.

  • Fred Sanford

    I am always surprised by modern critics panning or generally ‘dissing’ Disneys Black Hole movie. I have assume most of these so-called critics are in the 20-30 range and all seem to have their fanboy websites with the same boring clichéd list of favorites (honestly how many people put Empire Strikes Back on their list just because they watched a few Kevin Smith films and bought into his b.s. tirades on films, ROTJ is the BEST of the series, nuff said) including stuff by Tarantino, blah blah.

    Look, most of these goofs dont DESERVE to critique The Black Hole simply because they have such a huge array of modern science fiction movies to draw on. Those of us that grew up when Dungeons & Dragons first came out (and also was the best version of the game) had to endure years of Hollywood with virtually no interest in Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

    So with that being said, I feel that the spoiled-rotten eyes of todays movie reviewers cannot ever fully appreciate the splendor that was Tron, Black Hole (come on Maximillian is one of the coolest robots EVER), 2001, Zardoz and one of my fav’s of all time, Hawk The Slayer (bow down LOTR fans, Crow pwns ALL).

    I mean when THX1138 came out, it was awesome. When the original Bladerunner came out, awesome. You spoiled punks have such great special effects at your fingertips and all you do is go about redoing movies from the 70’s and ruining them, or worse going back and putting a modern ‘polish’ on the special effects of old movies. Dont do that!

    If the Black Hole is such a bad movie, why is Hollywood redoing it? Same for Tron and every other movie coming out…All are sad remakes done by idiots that have no clue what it was like to be there for the originals, to see magnificent special effects that are snickered at by todays spoiled movie goers with half a brain, the other half constantly engrossed in their iphones.

    Hopefully someone comes up with a solid movie, with well envisioned special effects that are not gratuitous, but make things look real. I feel thats what might happen with this remake of The Black Hole…One can only hope.

  • Galane

    Being less than half a year from 40, I guess I’m authorized to pick nits on The Black Hole. ;) Even way back then some of the bad stuff in TBH made me cringe. The footstep sounds of the robots were out of sync several times. One of the worst “special” effects were the rubber walls obviously being wiggled by people standing behind them. Also awful were the meteors glowing red hot in the vacuum of space where there’s nothing to produce friction heating.

    There used to be a website by the guy who did most of the model work for TBH. There were two large models of the Cygnus plus an even bigger section of interior main corridor for the scene where the giant meteor plows lengthwise through the ship. That was a $100,000 model and as they were setting up to do the FX shot, he was hoping the thing wouldn’t come off the tracks like it had done in testing. Of course the studio execs dropped by to see the biggest, most expensive FX shot of the movie get filmed. So of course the meteor comes off the track and ruins the model and the shot. Of course the model was *supposed* to be trashed, but trashed *right*. It’s not every day you get to dramatically flush $100,000 in front of your bosses! Since it was The Big Shot, there was nothing to do but pull another $100K out of the Disney vault and rebuild the thing to do it a second time, which worked correctly.

    The largest full Cygnus model was so highly detailed they had the lens of the motion control camera as close as 1/8″. IIRC that model was the one which was destroyed for the part where it entered the black hole. It was mounted on hydraulic cylinders to twist and distort it.

    Back then the big bucks were spent on blowing $h!t up that could only be blown up once, like the “super computer” in Superman III. These days they spend mega bucks on the latest computers, latest software and the people to run them. At least with computers a virtual set can be blown to bits a thousand times and it only takes seconds to “rebuild” before blowing it up again.

  • Mike

    I say that they should do a remake of the 1979 The Black Hole. It was too short. For to watch it. I had to pause it. Inorder to drag it out.
    They need to explain the Mutiny on the Cygnus in full graphic detail. Relationship between Max and Dr.Rhinhart. How,when and Why Max got built. And old Bob. How he got signed to the Cygnus and why. Basically there were alots of things that were not explained or too vag. For the audience. So it does need to be redone.

    If the hollywood film Industry can do films like Harry Potter series, A movie about a Spaceship “Prometheus”,Alien Vs. Predator and 2. Avengers,Hulk, Ironman 1 and 2. Then they can do a remake for 1979 The Black Hole.