Paul Greengrass No Longer Directing Bourne 4?


You’ll have to pretend you’re surprised at this next bit of news. Apparently there’s trouble brewing in Bourne land again, and director Paul Greengrass may have just walked away from the fourth movie. Details are still a bit sketchy at the moment, and they’ve giving the old “creative differences” excuse, but it seems to be a result of increasing friction between Greengrass and the higher-ups at Universal.

As you may know, The Bourne Ultimatum made over $440 million worldwide and earned rave reviews across the board, but production on the movie was reportedly a nightmare for just about everyone involved. Matt Damon had such a miserable experience that at one point he said there was no way he would return for another sequel. In the end, both Damon and Greengrass eventually signed on for part 4, and the project started development. In the meantime, the duo went off and shot Green Zone together… and that’s where all the trouble started.

Word on the street is that Green Zone’s budget has been ballooning as Greengrass is up to his usual tricks with a chaotic production process and expensive reshoots. The studio execs haven’t been too happy about that, and then they went and hired a new writer for Bourne 4 without consulting Greengrass, which ticked him off. Now it seems that Greengrass has decided he’s had enough, and wants nothing to do with the next Bourne flick. It’s unclear whether or not the two sides can still make amends, and it’s also unclear if Damon would do the movie without Greengrass. Either way, we probably won’t see Bourne 4 for quite some time now. What do you think, has Greengrass earned the right to be a bit difficult? Is the Bourne franchise doomed without him, or would you like to see someone else have a shot at it?

  • Greengrass deserves some loyalty. He has done some spectacular stuff in the Bourne series, not that I am belitting Matt Damon’s contribution in anyway.

    So PG doesn’t do things the way some studio execs like? If they don’t want to work with talent, they should go get a job in insurance or perhaps McDonalds are still hiring?

  • rjdelight

    Greengrass is a great director and he’s brought a lot to this franchise. That being said, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else direct the next Bourne flick.

  • Maopheus

    Third movies in franchises tend to do pretty well, but those fourth movies get tough. Everyone’s a little older, they demand more money, and they all have other projects going on. Bourne’s not as bad as others because it’s basically just Bourne/Matt Damon but still it’s tough to capture the magic again.

  • Justice

    What were some of the issues everyone had during the shooting of BU?

  • Napalm

    this is not a good news for the movie. i have a feeling he’ll return though. there’s too much at stake, plus it looks like he’s pretty deeply involved at this point to turn his back on the project.

  • Teo

    Do we even need a 4th bourne movie? The franchise is great as it is now i dont want a 4th movie maybe putting a damper on that.

  • MalD

    If a fourth Movie went ahead I’d like to see another diector take a crack at it.. I don’t think Greengrass is needed and his handheld jump cut approach is done to death at this stage. Fresh blood is needed.

  • Josh

    If there’s going to be a fourth movie then I want Greengrass directing. The last in the Bourne series was the best and I’d want to see if Greengrass still has more to show us. If he doesn’t, I want the franchise to die with BU but we won’t know what he’ll do until he does it.

  • Ronald

    Finally, we will see BOURNE without PAUL GREENGRASS. This is good news. No more shaky cam!!!