Film Junk Podcast Episode #245: Fantastic Mr. Fox


0:00 – Intro
10:10 – Headlines: Creepy Old Man Bites Teenage Girl at New Moon Screening, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? Uncharted Movie Gets New Writers, Another Amityville Horror Reboot, Roman Polanski Gets Bail, Judd Apatow’s Randy Movie, Oscilloscope DVD Club, Zemeckis Wants Mo-Cap Academy Award, Sam Raimi Signs Federico Alvarez
28:55 – Review: Fantastic Mr. Fox
53:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Star Wars In Concert, Fletch, Ballast, Gomorrah, The Monster Squad, Wedding Crashers, Curb Your Enthusiasm, North by Northwest, The International, By The People: The Election of Barack Obama
1:31:40 – Trailer Trash: Greenberg, Universal Soldier: Regeneration, Family Guy: Something Something Something Darkside
1:43:50 – Junk Mail: Hal Hartley, Jean Luc Godard, Film Junk Nightmare, Dystopian Movies, Martyrs, Spielberg is a Hack
2:05:44 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:07:45 – Outro

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  • Goon

    judging by the show notes either I was on this show and didn’t know it, or Greg stole my identity. if the latter he did a good job, because I also consider Mr. Fox a 4/4

  • zzzzzzzz

    wondering if reed liked the prisoner.

  • Haha, oops… Goon, Greg, same difference!

    If you’re wondering if Reed saw the new Prisoner mini-series, I’m guessing he hasn’t because we don’t get AMC here.

  • Drewsifer

    Really? I’m two hours away and we get it. Skip the prisoner and wAit for frank darabonts walking dead series on AMC

  • Rogers has AMC but our cable provider here is Cogeco and for some reason they don’t offer it. I don’t know why they don’t have it yet, especially with shows like Mad Men and Breaking Bad getting so much attention lately.

  • Mrespony

    Another great episode, glad to hear Greg back on the show even if he won’t shut up about Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. P.S. Don’t ever play anything by Drew again ;-)

  • Napalm

    great episode guys! i’ve been avoiding Mr. Fox, mainly because of the animation style, but after hearing all the praise i feel like checking it out!

  • Goon

    Greg can go on about “Cloudy…” all he wants because he’s right. its good. It has the same people behind it as Clone High so you should have an idea what the humor is like.

  • rjdelight

    So Greg can name the kid from Cop and 1/2 right away, but he doesn’t know if South Park is still on the air? Something about that just seems wrong.

    Great show.

  • I hated Clone High.

  • But is it Oscar-worthy?

    The other animated movie I was trying to think of is Ponyo. I am guessing that will get nominated as well.

  • Goon

    “But is it Oscar-worthy?”

    more than some things in recent years, but to me really it has a better chance simply by nature of its box office success. :/

  • True, based on that, Monsters vs Aliens could end up in there too.

  • @Mrespony you’ll be happy too know i’m sending in ANOTHER theme song next week :D

  • Falsk

    “Up” is going to win and it’s going to be a fucking shame so I’m whining about it now so I’m not shocked come March.

    I have a friend who won’t see “Fox” because of the animation style which is bullshit. It’s new, refreshing, unique, and fucking GORGEOUS. Everyone needs to shut up, sit down, and watch it.

    But hopefully not in a theater full of kids. Who brings their children to a KID’S MOVIE anyway? GOD!

  • Henrik

    On Spielberg:

    I think the major issue with his films for me is just that they’re shallow. Like, I can think of no character in any of his films that seemed to breathe outside of whatever plot they were involved in to tell a story.

    To throw up a comparison, Inglorious Basterds is a film that I would call shallow, but even that manages to bring in characters that seem to have their own universe. Bridget Von Hammersmarck when she comes into the film seems to bring an entirely different world with her, she exists somewhere else in this universe, and you feel that when she comes on screen. She isn’t just a plot device made up (she is, but the disguise works because of good writing in my opinion), she has her own character. In a Spielberg movie it would just be Bridget Von Exposition coming along.

    I don’t like Jean-Luc Godard either. I have never had a problem with Steven Spielberg being style over substance though, I’ve just had a problem with his substance being boring. I think his shallowness is also what makes his sentimentality seem so overwrought and toe-curlingly embarrasing.

    For some reason his movies just aren’t very interesting to me. He is like the epitomy of Hollywood, and he does have some cool shots here and there, but he lacks insight in the human condition (his films speak in clichés and platitudes). That takes him down quite a bit for me, and lessens his films, while I will admit that for children they are excellent, and some hold up for adults as well (in my opinion Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List hold up).

    Calling him a hack seems like the wrong criticism. He is not a bad director in that sense. He knows how to chop together a movie without ruining it. He just doesn’t have anything interesting to offer emotionally or intellectually, so he will never mean much to me. But I understand why people love him.

  • I will admit that Spielberg is generally a director that puts entertainment above depth, but I don’t think all his movies are completely shallow. Catch Me If You Can is an example of a recent movie he has done that is more character driven. Munich is also heavily focused on Eric Bana and his inner struggle.

  • Henrik

    Well, character driven doesn’t equal depth in my opinion. Deep characters equal depth.

    I did not see Munich.

  • swarez

    “It’s new, refreshing, unique, and fucking GORGEOUS. Everyone needs to shut up, sit down, and watch it.”

    It most certainly isn’t new or refreshing. It’s maybe new and refreshing to those who haven’t seen stop motion shows from the 80’s like Wind in the Willows.
    It’s old school stop motion.

  • Bugsyoz

    Jay – that’s exactly how I feel re Up. Although I lost it long before talking dogs. Here’s an older gentleman who requires a walking cane (which by the way has freaking tennis balls covering the feet for no reason other than so that he can throw one later to make the (talking) dogs chase..fr1kn elle)..and yet he has the strength to drag a house around? youngens had no idea what happened when they received certain news in relation to kids..they also said ‘where’s his wife’ after that orsm opening. It is orsm to everyone everyone except children who have no idea what’s going on. All around the cinema adults were explaining to youngens why they were upset, and why the wife isn’t with him.

    And of course the alpha dog has his voice interpreter broken so he speaks in chipmunk


  • Bugsyoz

    Holy whatsit??!! They played Q Are We Not Men in it’s entirety? Cool as. I’ve seen Devo a couple of times here in Oz….fantastic stuff. The first few albums up to Freedom are really good. And I have to say I kinda like Total Devo and the live album released after that one erm..Now It Can Be Told. Gut Feeling in to Gates is freaking amazing.

  • swarez

    What’s “orsm”?

  • Maybe he ment orgasm?O.o Who knows…

  • Falsk

    @swarez — Fair enough, but let’s say ‘new’ as in the past 10-15 years, especially when the term ‘animation’ these days means dishing out stuff like “Space Chimps” and “Fly Me to the Moon”.

  • Bugsyoz

    That would be ‘awesome’

  • @zzzzzzzz: Sean is indeed correct in that I haven’t seen The Prisoner mini-series. I haven’t even seen all of the original series with Patrick McGoohan. For me, it was “intellectual,” but boring.