Family Guy’s Something Something Something Darkside Trailer: The Empire Strikes Back Spoof


So here’s the thing: Star Wars spoofs are basically the most obvious and dated thing imaginable, but I actually kinda liked Fanboys. Go figure. That still doesn’t make me any more interested in another Family Guy Star Wars special, but I know there are a lot of people out there looking forward to this. The first Family Guy Star Wars special Blue Harvest was such a huge hit that Fox decided to push the release date for the sequel back a bit and release it on DVD before it airs on TV (a practice becoming more and more common nowadays).

It’s called Something Something Something Darkside, and it parodies the events from The Empire Strikes Back. A trailer has arrived on, which makes it like… official, or something. I’m sure you know what you’re in for. Are you a Family Guy fan? Is this something you plan on checking out? The inevitable Jedi spoof is already in development and is tentatively titled We Have A Bad Feeling About This. Something Something Something Darkside hits DVD and Blu-ray on December 22nd; check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Brendan

    I admit, I like Family Guy, but sometimes the show suffers from thinking that parody is just putting its characters into some other pop culture reference and calling it a day. The Star Wars episode in particular suffered from it big time. At times it was just a shot-for-shot remake, with the same dialog as the original. It seemed very fanboy-ish.

  • Rick

    are you insane?

    lol the part where they are in the dumpster and their talking about the couch. that’s hillarious. or the best line of the show

    “arent you a little fat to be a storm trooper?”
    “well stay here and rot you stuck up bitch” hahaha

    i loved blue harvest, could of done with out the singing of the old pedifile but what can you do. CAN’T WAIT!

  • im not a much of a fan of the family guy.

    but for some reason i end up seeing like at least 2 episodes a day because for a long stretch there is NOTHING on and in any given day with any kind of cable, there are at least 7 or 8 episodes of the family guy on.

  • Brendan

    @Rick: I didn’t mean to imply there were no funny parts of that episode, just that the funny parts were surrounded by straight remakes of scenes from Star Wars. And I was also referring to other episodes of Family Guy where they take some scene from a movie or tv show and just recreate it.
    I did think the couch bit was funny, too.

  • Mason

    Lighten up everyone. It looks hilarious. But the important question is what does Reed think.

  • I don’t watch Family Guy, but its brand of humour is okay occasionally. I saw Blue Harvest and I enjoyed the shot-for-shot remake aspect of it. I thought the scene in the trailer with the anthropomorphizing of the AT-AT walker kind of funny. Oh, and the stormtrooper in the mesh shirt was kind of funny, too.