• swarez

    Just finished number 2 today. Great game although I would like to see an adventure story where the ancient tomb or city doesn’t get destroyed at the end of the story. Why does it always have to go there?
    And again the addition of monsters irked me as well.

    As for the movie, the perfect man to play Nathan Drake would be his name sake Nathan Fillion.

  • stevie_baby

    While an Uncharted movie will be interesting, I’m not sure it’s needed. The games themselves are incredible in the sense they blur the line between videogames and blockbuster movies. Why make a movie at all?

    Who the studio wants: Hugh Jackman
    Who you want: Nathan Fillion
    What you’ll get: Brendan Fraser

  • Captain N

    I would rather see an original adventure for the film itself.
    And it looks like we’re already starting to see the “Nathan Fillion should play Drake!” bit. I’m against that idea, I’d like this to be a success.

    The guy who did the motion capturing for Drake in the game looks like the character, if I remember correctly. While a long shot, I wouldn’t mind seeing that. As for known actors I would like to see take on the role, none come to mind at the moment.

  • finaljoe

    There is no need for this movie whatsoever.

    The plot is just a rip off of every Indiana Jones/National Treasure/The Mummy film ever made.

    And Nathan Drake is a smug twat.

  • Sibertiger

    What’s been said already is exactly why this movie should be made. It’s the first game series to really make it feel like you are part of something special, a movie in progress. The voice acting, script writing, action sequences, locations are top notch, making a movie should be easy with so much of the creative work done for them!

    Nathan Fillion is all you need. He already has the character down pat from Firefly, wise cracking, tough, action star with a soft side for those close to him. He is the younger Harrison Ford. Captain N you have no idea what your talking about, there is no one better suited, and this is the A list vehicle he’s been waiting for to launch him to the top!

  • unchartedfan

    Love Nathan Fillion but I think Michael Weatherly is a better fit to play Drake!