Film Junk Podcast Episode #244: A Serious Man


0:00 – Intro
6:00 – Headlines: Jackass 3-D, Oscar Documentary Short List, Warner Brothers DVD2Blu Program, American Gladiators Writer, McG Drops Out of 20,000 Leagues, Thor’s Warriors Three, Carl Rinsch to Direct 47 Ronin, Will Ferrell Named Most Overpaid Actor of the Year, Top Grossing Movies of the Decade Are All Franchise Films
21:45 – Review: A Serious Man
40:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Wild at Heart, Black Dynamite, Thirst, Good Hair, Star Trek, The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years, Sergio, Fight Club, Bruno, An Evening with Stephen King
1:19:45 – Trailer Trash: Crazy Heart, Blood Simple Remake, Grown Ups
1:29:25 – Junk Mail: Low Budget Movies / Money Shots in Trailers, Blu-ray Recommendations, FJ Demographics, Unusual Subjects Made Into Great Movies, Nic Cage Financial Trouble, Favourite Films Based on a Book
1:57:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:04:25 – Outro

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  • Napalm

    Trailer Trash and What We Watched themes? On it!

  • Missed Greg, but Goon is actually a brilliant speaker and has a great opinion and knowledge. Would be very happy to hear from him again.
    Can I ask why his mic sounded so dodgy, almost like he was on the phone.

    Also you gotta keep the old (or make your own) trailer trash theme because the new one is awful.

  • Forgot to mention that Goon was joining us via Skype. Kind of an important detail.

    I like the idea of having different Trailer Trash themes every week. Keep em coming!

  • Sorry Sean, went I wrote the post I hadn’t even got to the new Trailer Trash theme, I was referring to the one from the Het. New one is awesome. Guess I’m a bit too impatient.

  • kyriacos

    Albino people are way more Superior than white people..

  • Niklas

    Sean and Jay – Forget about Poutini’s House of Poutine. Instead you should go to Smoke’s Poutinerie on Adelaide st downtown toronto:

    Big portions for a good price, not pretentious at all with tons of various poutine to try. Highly recommended.

  • Sean, one day you should have like a call in show via skype, that would be insane.

  • anyone catch James Cameron on 60 minutes last night – tried to DVR it but the football game ran long and screwed up the recording. the commercial for the show showed the 60 min reporter on set while “I am King of the World” Cameron is shooting stuff.

    here it is:

  • Henrik

    Which website was Ted Dansons love? The link is required Goon!

    Quite good episode I thought, amazing start, and genius trailer trash intro.

    “Why does this kid have to be such a faggot”…

    Great stinger at the end as well.

  • Goon

    Ted Danson interview

    fun fact: Jay did not go to the washroom during this episode

  • The trailer trash song was fuckin’ awesome! However, I’ll try to top that next week …

  • Sly

    Awesome episode. Goon was a great replacement. Hope to hear more from him.

    Sean + Jay + Goon = my favorite hosting team :)

  • Kasper

    I prefer Greg, but I guess Goon was an okay replacement. Though I don’t hope he will be the steady replacement for the regular replacement for Greg (that being Reed).

  • Henrik

    I was trying to get people to bet with me over wether I would get a namecheck with Goon on the show. Nobody dared, I lost out on a lot of money.

  • Goon

    well you certainly did enough to ask for it beforehand :)

  • Cool that there was virtually no lag with Skype. Now all they need to do is diminish the tinny sound. Overall, great job.

  • Greg in Toronto

    Hey guys- great show! It was nice finally hearing some commentary from Goon- loved his written review on “A Serious Man” and “Good Hair” (which I saw on Sunday) and his audio review and contribution to the show was also pretty polished. A fine addition to the show. Also want to say- Corey is an amazing artist- he did the illustration for my upcoming podcast (Criticalmasscast- coming early Dec.) and he was kind enough to plug it at the end of the show. Thanks again!

    Also wanted to plug Smoke’s Poutinerie on Adelaide like Niklas did in an earlier post. I ended up going there with some friends last Sunday (Poutini’s was fucking closed!!) and got a large serving of poutine topped with bacon and a black cherry pop for under $10- great deal and laid back atmosphere. Thanks again film junk for a great podcast.

  • Cool and mysterious man

    i am quite sure that the real reason you bring Goon instead of Greg was because Greg was too f bored to see a new Coencrap movie so he made up an excuse to avoid it.
    Greg is so wise.. He knew he wouldn’t like it. So we ended up with 3 more of the same fanboys commentators that busted our balls for 2 fucking hours..
    Don’t get me wrong.. (altho i am sure you will..)
    Goon is a great guy .. but Greg has the stories.. And the capacity to articulate his disagreement over the colossal dig of the crew.. that is you J. Sean.. Sorry mate.. but you re just a ball..

  • Goon

    “Greg was too f bored to see a new Coencrap movie”

    No Country For Old Men was Greg’s no. 1 movie of 2007

    in episode 229 Greg highly praised the A Serious Man trailer.


  • Scott

    Goon’s idea for a Popples movie has already been done, at least partly. Shelley Duvall produced a 30 minute live-action TV short based on Popples. I saw it as a kid, and upon listening to the podcast I remembered it and started looking for it. Sure enough, YouTube has it.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Warning: It’s 80s cheesy in the worst way possible.

  • cool and mysterious man

    ”in episode 229 Greg highly praised the A Serious Man trailer”

    …but yet choosed not to see it.

    and besides what he was supposed to do? He was trapped between 2 fanboys..

    ”No Country For Old Men was Greg’s no. 1 movie of 2007”

    So they made 1 good movie…Big fucking deal.. luc benson did 1 as well..

    That does not make them suck less…
    and by the way we all know that 2007 was a sucky year after all…

  • Goon

    2007 was a pretty great year if you ask me

    “…but yet choosed not to see it.”

    he “chose” not to drive 50 minutes to the states to a dank theater. but actually i’m pretty sure (you’d have to ask greg yourself) he was at the Survivor Series ppv, possibly doing the hype job for the crowd as he apparently does from time to time.

  • Falsk

    Fan boys fighting is so precious. :)

  • naurdwaur

    in case of an assasination attempt sean should follow around billy corgon.

    goon is god

    is jay gay?

  • Goon

    Thank you for the Popples’ links Scott. Good lord that soundtrack job is amateurish even within the rest of the shitty context.

  • Mrespony

    #244=great podcast. I just listened to the Last House on the Left podcast, what happened to Wintle? By the way that episode had great intro music, Black Moth Super Rainbow!

  • Wintle moved to Toronto. I’d like to get him back on the podcast at some point but I haven’t been in touch with him in a while.

  • Henrik

    I love Wintle he is monstrous

  • It might surprise you to know that Malcolm is in fact the main character in The Lost World novel.

  • Krys

    What was that podcast you guys were talking about where they were arguing about Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter? Sounded like Film Rich or something.

  • Krys

    Thanks, darlin :)

  • Goon

    That was a couple episodes back now… check their show notes.