Carl Rinsch to Direct Samurai Flick 47 Ronin Starring Keanu Reeves


If the name Carl Erik Rinsch sounds familiar to you, that’s because this up and coming filmmaker was once being touted as the director of the Alien prequel, before Ridley Scott decided to take over the reins himself. Now, however, Rinsch is in talks to make his feature film debut with another fairly high profile studio flick.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has been hired to helm a movie called 47 Ronin for Universal. It’s a period action drama starring Keanu Reeves as the leader of a group of 18th century samurai hellbent on avenging the death of their master. The script was written by Chris Morgan (Wanted, Fast & Furious), and apparently has no relation to Frank Miller’s Ronin, which is also in development.

Rinsch has an impressive body of work in TV commercials, and it will be interesting to see how he puts these skills to use in 47 Ronin. I’m guessing the thing that may turn some people off is the fact that Keanu is starring, but I’m not one to write the guy off… yet. Thoughts?

  • Rick

    someone plz tell me why, this horrible, horrible actor can still get parts? the fucker can’t act. And he’s a douche bag.

  • Keannu Reeves is a handsome guy who is interesting to watch. His films also manage to make money at the box office. And although it may not be apparent to Rick and many others, he is dedicated to the acting craft.

  • SirPrize

    Wow, I HAVE to agree with Reed on this one! ;-) I wouldn’t say he is underrated, but there are definitely thousands of other actors first on my list that I would call a douche bag let alone a fucker!

  • MGL

    Hmmm right. Reed is a not so bad actor. But that does not mean that making money at the box office is the standard… Point Break is his best one i think.

  • Rick

    He acts the same in EVERY movie. Withdrawn, uninterested, drab, dry, and melancholy. He try’s to act but fails at giving off any presence of the spectrum of human emotion. He try’s to be exciting but he is only boring. He try’s to be suspenseful but he is dry. The only part that he’s fit to play is an idiot. Like in parenthood and bill and ted. Seriously reed, if he is a master of the “acting craft” and the best actor you can think of for this “Samurai” flick then we have all gone to shit. This will be tom cruise in last samurai all over again. Minus the detail that tom cruise can act.

    Here’s an idea for once. How bout in a samurai flick we actually get someone who can do kung fu and fight with out it actually having to be computerized.

  • MGL

    Oh man… Tom Cruise CAN act?? Help.. He can OVERACT yes. I hate Tom Cruise. He is such a looser personality. And that leaves me with the problem that when i see him in a filmrole he still is a looser to me. Keanu Reeves is the ONE you know. So he can act every movie the same. (Tom is also OVERACTING every movie the same)

    Samurai are chinese. Leave it that way!

  • Kurt

    “Samurai are chinese. Leave it that way!”


  • Rick

    mgl don’t get me wrong. i hate tom cruise. he can play a pompus, narssasistic ass whole. other then that i hate the man. i only liked him in top gun. and a few good men (which in my opinion is the best lawyer movie ever).

    “Samurai are chinese. Leave it that way!”

    oh i thought they were japaneese. i learned something today

  • Falsk

    “Samurai are chinese. Leave it that way!”


  • finaljoe

    “Here’s an idea for once. How bout in a samurai flick we actually get someone who can do kung fu and fight with out it actually having to be computerized.”

    Why? Samurai don’t do kung fu you clown.

  • MGL

    Serious. Never met a chinese samurai?? They live in Japan and are the true masters of Kung Flue! You must nog mess with them because they are not fond of being impersonated by western actors…

    OK i admit. they are Japanese.. Did make you LOL still.. So:

    Samurai are Japanes. Leave it that way!


    Nice to know we have an agreement about Tom Cruise.