• Great idea, will they downgrade my HD-DVD’s to Blu-Ray too? ;-)

  • Actually they did already offer an HD-DVD to Blu-ray program earlier this year. Not sure if it’s still running or not though.

  • WTF all the ones I want to upgrade are $9.95 not $7.95?!

  • Andrew

    Tempting for newer action films like Training Day, Swordfish, Body of Lies, and The Last Samurai, but I don’t see the incentive to get some of the older catalogue titles on Bluray unless they contain some intriguing bonus features.

  • Falsk

    @Andrew, You want to go to red2blu.com

  • Mrespony

    This list has the awesome variety of selection of a record club. I love that they still push Swordfish on people. With most of these films you’re maybe saving a dollar and change so you can go through the hassle of mailing your DVDs back to Warner, I’d rather just buy the blu ray and give my DVDs to a friend.