• Jersey Jason


  • BigHungry

    @Sean are these newer looking posts from a twitter feed?
    Just curious what the difference is between these and the longer ones with the larger pics.

    Also I think McG is smart to drop out of this.

  • They are not from a Twitter feed, but basically the same idea. I’m going to be experimenting with the design of them a little bit, but the bottom line is that I’m tired of writing up long posts about simple news stories that are covered in a million other places on the web. This way we can hopefully cover more news with less work. We’ll see.

  • jaime


  • Big Hungry

    Thanks for the info I like the idea and it makes sense and from a usability stand point it means less scrolling for us film junkies. Also I can see more stories on each page.

  • just out source the work to Reed’s basement already!

  • Marc

    Thank God! This A hole totally fucked up one well known property and I’m glad to see that he’s not getting to screw up another! Fuck McG!