Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse Gets Deactivated for Good


Executives at Fox have finally uttered the word that has become every Joss Whedon fan’s worst nightmare: “canceled”. This is in reference to his latest show Dollhouse, which is currently in the midst of its second season. Whedon will apparently get to finish filming and airing all 13 episodes of the season in order to give it a proper sendoff, with new episodes resuming on December 4th despite low ratings.

Most fans will probably not be too surprised by this news since Dollhouse has performed poorly pretty much out of the gate and Fox has a long history of aborting Whedon’s babies. The show was not even expected to get picked up for a second season, but Fox gave it the benefit of the doubt. When ratings failed to improve, they pulled it off the air for November sweeps, at which point the writing was basically on the wall. Do you think Dollhouse deserved more time? Why did it not catch on?

I only watched the first episode or two and found it to be a mess, but many fans have insisted that it eventually found its stride. There has also been talk of a direct-to-DVD movie to wrap things up. So what do you say we just skip all the outrage and petitioning to save the show this time around? I think Fox has actually been pretty fair for once, and besides, now we all know that Whedon’s got more important things to tackle!

  • Rusty James

    I kept watching it because I thought the concept was pretty intruiging. But I don’t think it ever found its stride. I was planning on dropping it right around the time they stopped airing it.

    I don’t think the show had some some fanatic following like Firefly. I suspect the fans will be satisfied to see it bow out graciously.

  • Kasper

    Good riddens. Never understood the hype about Eliza Dushku in the first place, she’s very unappealing.

  • Nate

    So this means work on Serenity 2 starts tomorrow, right?

  • no terminator

  • Marc

    This show was D.O.A in my opinion. There were a few good episodes here and there but nothing truly special. Fox should have canceled this show last season and kept Terminator: The Sarah Connors chronicles given the fact that it was the better show with roughly the same ratings as Dollhouse. R.I.P Dollhouse.

  • Aside from a 2 or 3 interesting episodes the show was a dud. Seemed to me that the show was a Eliza Dushku bag that Whedon guested on. I really didn’t feel any of the whit or intensity of previous Whedon projects on this one.

    And when every shot in the opening are of Eliza Dushku, the producer of the show, in various cute outfits, it’s kind of obvious it was a promotional piece for her ego rather than a good story with an ensemble cast.

  • Justice

    Well, I guess this just means he’ll have more time to write heeeelarious online letters like the Terminator one. *sarcasm*

  • BigHungry

    My guess is that he was so surprised that fox picked up a second season… that it left him ill prepared and he did not have time to write to the level of the first season.

    I only how he really does get the terminator series! even though he was joking.

  • pcch7

    I won´t lose any sleep over this, but I did like the show. Somewhat.. I think the reason it´s only ok is that they never really found the show. Great concept poorly executed. Fox should have renewed TSCC instead.. Whedon doing Terminator would actually be awesome though and a lot better than the lacklustre Salvation.. Probably be a lot like TSCC =), since he loved that

    Nate- A Serenity sequel would blow my mind. Hopeful thinking but I always wish that they´re gonna do a sequel, with the resurgence of sci-fi of late.. It wouldn´t even need a big budget..

  • Everybody knows TSCC should have been renewed over Dollhouse. Dollhouse was cheaper to produce and they did not want to piss Whedon and his fans off a second time.