Sgt. Rock Movie Gets a New Director… and a New Time Period


Producer Joel Silver has been struggling to bring WWII comic book hero Sgt. Rock to the big screen for almost 20 years now, with the script undergoing a ton of rewrites and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis once under consideration to star. This week it looks like he has finally managed to convince Warner Brothers to back the movie, although he may be forced to make some compromises in order to get it off the ground.

Heat Vision reports that I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence has signed on to helm the film, taking over for Guy Ritchie who was previously attached (he has since moved on to direct Lobo). The latest draft of the script was written by Chad St. John, who also penned the upcoming remake of Outland. Akiva Goldsman will co-produce with Silver.

Now, here’s the thing that’s going to worry Sgt. Rock fans: apparently they are taking it out of a World War II setting and moving it to the future (it’s unclear if that means modern day, or some fictional sci-fi war). I guess I can understand period war movies being a tough sell to studios, but after the success of Inglourious Basterds, shouldn’t this be the perfect time to keep it set in WWII? I’m not sure how much weight the name Sgt. Rock carries nowadays, but I would think this move could potentially alienate a lot of people. Thoughts? Who would you like to see as Sgt. Rock?

  • Bratwurst

    George Clooney…..first thought.

  • mandaHNK

    andy partridge. (he should at least get a cameo.)

  • Joe

    Micky rourke!

  • Superman should be set in the 1930’s

    Fantastic Four in the 60’s

    Spiderman in the 70’s

    and Sgt. Rock belongs in the Second World War

  • @mandaHNK, for suggesting Andy Partridge as Sgt. Rock, I nominate you as Film Junk commenter of the month.

  • R. Lee Ermey, the real Sgt Rock……..Bruce Willis, how about one of those real Marine Recons from Generation Kill? Dennis Farina…too old?

    I would love to see Sgt. Rock made as a serious film set in WW2, it can be from the point of view of a new Platoon leader or a replacement.

    Rock is a professional soldier, he was in the Army before the war and will be in the Army when the war ends. Rock is a decent blue collar guy who gets things done. Rock has become somewhat grizzled and very battle hardened, has seen most things and has a hard edge, but has not lost all humanity.

    A great real life Sgt Rock look up two time medal of honor winner Dan Daly, a US Marine and a career warrior. He had the famous quote, “Come on, you sons of bitches! Do you want to live forever?”, as he led a charge through the Belleau Wood. Google him if your a history buff.

  • Maopheus

    I’m tired of WWII movies. I’ve said it before, I think WWII is tapped out. Even I like IB, I was not enthused about QT doing a WWII movie. I did not think that was the right move for him. Even though I’m sure he felt quite passionate about the project and put his all into it, I think he could have focused his efforts better toward re-establishing himself as one of the great filmmakers of the current age. But I digress. I don’t think IB is necessarily an indicator that WWII movies are back in ‘vogue’. IB is more of a QT movie that happens to be set during WWII as opposed to the other way around. Sgt. Rock will probably be a much more conventional WWII movie and that’s not what I want to see. If anything, I’d rather see something like the intro portion of Hellboy fleshed out into a movie. Something fantastical and more outlandish but still with a WWII setting. This could apply to Nick Fury or Captain America as well.

  • waystedkiss

    Taking SGT. ROCK out of WWII is like taking . Aquaman out of the Ocean…… stupid. Rock should be fighting Krauts or don’t do it .

  • ron

    Taking SGT Rock out of WWII would be a very bad move. You woud lose you biggest fan base, who are also the demograph that are you main movie goers. 25-40.

  • Edward Binkley

    I am 63 and read Sgt. Rock as a child. He, along with all the other WWII comic hero’s of all branches of the service were a ‘rock’ to all of us kids then. It gave us the reassurance that everything would be okay in the future the way a kid relates to such things. To take Sgt. Rock out of WWII would be like taking ‘Terry and the Pirates’ out of the cockpit. (You can look that one up. It’s doable as well. There are plenty of DC-3’s left flying.)

    Sgt. Rock does not need a named actor to play the part. He needs only fit the part well. It would probably be better if he was a no-name actor and then let publicity do their jobs and make him a name that could live through the many sequels to follow.

    Of course, what do I know? I don’t make the movies, I just watch them. One clue…. don’t make it on the cheap. Make it look like it really mattered in the quality of the production and not simply the bottom line.


  • Jon

    The guy who said Mickey Rourke gets my vote. Even Kurt Russell.

  • Gary Hardison

    I grew up reading SGT Rock and I also agree that Mickey Rourke has the Physique and Ability to pull it off. WW2 would be my first choice as a setting, Korea my second, Vietnam would be pushing it. Otherwise you are looking to alienate his original fan base.
    Korea is believable and interesting. I would pay to see either at the movies. Otherwise, count me out,

  • oldsoldier

    Leave Rock in WWII, Bruce Willis is good, I am a 64 year old fan, don’t mess with Rock!

  • Albert nHylton

    Play it straight guys …This is Sgt Rock !!! WW11 or leave tit alone…..Jack Palance could have played him years ago…Bruce Willis is too good looking….Micky Rourke maybe….maybe an unknown….he’s gonna growl the words anyway…….May be do it like the Sex in the City thing they were all in ….KINDA cartoon like….I’m 65 years old …Dno’t screww up my heros….DO IT RITE!!!! Louie Hylton Jan.18.2012

  • DaveBoGungHo!

    Sean Bean is the ONLY actor I can think of who not only has the facial features and stature for the part, but the vocal ability to bring the “Sarge” to life vocally. The rasp and an uncanny ability to cover up his natural accent with”Americana-Speak” would make him the only natural shoe in for the role. No one else, and I mean no-one can bring that silent, but deadly hard-ass toughness to this role like Sean can. Don’t believe me, check out Ashley Judd’s new series “Missing”. With the exception of the accent, Bean’s interpretation of the character Paul Winstone is exactly like Rock, only more calculating and menacing in a ‘spook-once dead-gone-rogue way.
    The only other actor, no deceased, who I can think of who could have done any justice to Sgt Rock would have been Telly Savalas. Again for the facial features, the voice and the ‘shut-your-mouth-or-die stare!
    Just my opinion….sorry Bruce Willis, you are a fantastic action tough guy, but you ain’t no Sgt Rock brother!