Rachel McAdams to Play Black Cat in Spider-Man 4?


Looks like the reports about Spider-Man 4 having just one villain may not have been entirely accurate. According to Mania, casting for the film is now underway, and producers are looking to introduce at least two additional major characters: one male and one female. The female role is believed to be Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat aka Spider-man’s version of Catwoman (I know, I know… Black Cat actually came first). While this role may or may not be considered a “villain” per se, the male role is being described as such.

So who is under consideration to play these new roles? Well, right now there are two possibilities being talked about for the role of Felicia Hardy. The first, and most well-known, is Rachel McAdams. While she hasn’t done much in the way of action before, it appears that she has probably been involved in more than a few stunts for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. The other actress being rumoured is Romola Garai (Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Atonement). While this is all far from being confirmed, it does sound like we can count on at least two villains for the flick. What do you think about adding Black Cat to the mix? Is Rachel McAdams a good choice for Felicia Hardy?

  • Napalm

    last time they had 2 bad guys and this time they are going for 2 good guys (one girl in this case). if you look at it that way it makes sense. but seeing the the clusterfuck that the last film was with 2 villains, i don’t see this working too well for the film.

    however, if they decide to go with this new female character, i think Rachel McAdams would be a great choice. she’s a great actress. the other potential actress looks too innocent to pull off such a role. McAdams has a slight aggressive look to her.

  • Slushie Man

    Actually the last film had 3 villains. Don’t forget Green Goblin II. 2 villains can, and normally does, work very well if done right. Look at Batman Begins, and while Batman Forever wasn’t exactly a good movie, I believe they handled the idea of 2 villains very well, as did Batman Returns.

  • aspioaokassodsøkasdkøl

    Rachel McAdams in tights! YES!! YES! YES!! YES!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES ! YES! YES! YES! YES!!!….I have to go and clean my pants…

  • Andrew

    Rachel Mcadams was great in State of Play, but other then that I am not too familiar with her work. but at least that movie demonstrates she knows how to act. Not that that will probably be needed in this role, but who knows maybe Sam Raimi can pull his head out of his A$$ fore the fourth installment. Although I highly doubt it.

    And slightly off topic, how was Black Cat first? Didn’t Catwoman first show up in the Batman #1 or #2 back in the 40’s?

  • According to Wikipedia:

    “Felicia Hardy’s signature low cut black costume, cat burglar profession, and her steady relationship to Spider-Man predate Selina Kyle’s similar depiction in comics by almost a decade.”

    I think Catwoman technically came first, but in her earliest incarnation she was a very different character.

  • Napalm

    “Felicia Hardy’s signature low cut black costume…”


  • pcch7

    Summer Glau. Or Alison Lohman, I didn´t have any problems with her in “Drag Me To Anorexia”..I ,of course, mean “Hell” but she was very thin in that movie.. Liked her though

  • Rick

    (I know, I know… Black Cat actually came first).
    In what universe? Catwoman 1st appeared in 1940. Black Cat in the 60’s.

  • Read comment #5.

  • Niklas

    I like Rachel McAdams but for a costume like that they need an actress with bigger tits

  • Swarez

    They could be doing a similar thing with the Black Cat character what they have been doing with the Lizard character for three films, set her up for future films and not actually have her don a costume.
    That is if this news is actually true to begin with.

  • jaime

    aFTER Spiderman 3 i’m out,But i’ll see this! or will i? i don’t know? i love the comic but that first movie was so BAD! & that very last shot of spiderman 2 shit’s me to no end, then SM3…..no word’s need’ed, i just need to see a great Spiderman movie.

  • Wikipedia is wrong. The Black Cat’s first appearance was in Amazing Spider Man #194 which is cover dated March 1980. Which is almost 40 years to the date of Catwoman’s first appearance in Batman #1 (Spring 1940), which, oddly enough was also the first appearance of the Joker