Film Junk Podcast Episode #242: The Box


0:00 – Intro
3:52 – Headlines: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to Host Oscars, James Marsh to Direct The Vatican Tapes, David Fincher to Direct The Reincarnation of Peter Proud, Yogi Bear Casting, Owen Wilson is Marmaduke, J.J. Abrams’ 500 Rads, Risk Movie in the Works, Fox Adding Pop Up Trivia to DVDs, Jamie Foxx and Martin Lawrence in Sheneneh and Wanda
25:42 – Review: The Box
42:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The Men Who Stare at Goats, The Crazy Rulers of the World, V, The Prisoner, By The People: The Election of Barack Obama, Act of God
55:20 – Junk Mail: Reed’s Favourite Films, Favourite Film Genres, The Last Broadcast and The Room, Casting Racism, Found Footage, Tim and Eric, Mad Max, Troma on Blu-ray
1:32:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:34:42 – Outro

Note: Our additional spoiler discussion of The Box is now available here.

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  • jaime

    Hope “the Box” discussion is 30 min or longer!

  • projectgenesis

    I think in the years to come The Box will be seen as a cult classic.

  • BigHungry

    I may have to wait to see the box, but I think they should of done a twighlight zone movie instead… like the old one. But good pay off stories.

  • I believe they are doing a new Twilight Zone movie. Leonardo DiCaprio’s company is producing it IIRC.

  • Goon

    The Room is pretty much awesome. To me it exists outside the ‘gotta see this movie its so bad’ thing, because its really is to me a document of this bizarre man named Tommy Wiseau and how he sees relationships and the world. It’s not just someone who made some bad art to me.

    But at this point I think its best people see it through a torrent or DVD first before they wander into a Room midnight screening, because the crowd is so rowdy and shouting at all times that it would not be good for someone’s first viewing. If you dig the Room though definitely give the public screening a shot, in Toronto they do it once a month at the Royal and I’d definitely go again.

  • Rusty James

    Jay’s comments about Richard Kelly’s Superman were quite astute.

  • JakeTheFatMan

    I think white people would be pissed off if an African American actor played Captain America