Clash of the Titans Remake Trailer


Well if there’s one thing they want us to know about Louis Leterrier’s upcoming remake of the 1981 epic Clash of the Titans, it’s that it’s hip and cool and edgy! Since this is just a teaser trailer, they can get away with showing quick clips of action scenes and melding it together into a music video of sorts. It works fairly well, and I’m sure this is going to excite fans of 300, which is clearly their target audience. Still, I have to wonder, is this music indicative of what the actual soundtrack will be? Because if so, that’s pretty lame.

The movie stars Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, and of course, Pete Postlethwaite (among others). It looks like this will be sufficiently epic and the special effects certainly give a much-needed update to the original, but is it just me or do some of the creature designs seem like a rip off of Pan’s Labyrinth? Clash of the Titans hits theatres on March 26th; check out the teaser trailer after the jump.

  • Henrik

    The tagline is almost like a joke.

  • Haha yeah, the thought had crossed my mind. I mean, we knew the movie was going to be mindless, but still…

  • Napalm

    i don’t see the 300 resemblance at all. this looks like a modern day Charlton Heston sword and sandal movie. As a teaser i think it looks pretty impressive. the music works well too… sometimes it’s good to get away from the usual epic film score and do something different. i can appreciate that. I see the Pan influence you were talking about Sean, and i think it’s great that they adapted that style because i loved the CG in Pan’s. it’s very rough and realistic, unlike some of the more glossy and fake-looking monsters that we usually see in these summer movies.

  • jaime


  • Peter

    Looks way the hell more interesting than that piece “Prince of Persia.”

  • Big Hungry

    This actually looks better than I thought it would. I am officially excited for this one.

  • Lucas

    Hey where is the quirky little mechanical owl that beeps and clicks?

  • Sam Worthington, enough with this action crap! How about a romantic drama for a change, please?

  • Kurt

    I’m also seriously missing Bubo the owl. And yea, this looks 10x worse than the POS trailer for Prince of Persia. Yie, CotT officially proves that yes, movies can get even dumber and louder than 2012 or 300 (begging the question of why there is not a number in the title – I vote for Cl45H 0F THE T1T4N5.

  • Nick Robertson

    That music won’t be the score – it’s The Used’s The Bird and The Worm without the vocals.

  • jaime

    I Don’t know about this movie,is it a good trailer?

  • Justice

    Titans Will Clash…in umm, Clash of the Titans. Looks a bit much, but I guess it’s only a teaser. They better have the Kraken in there.

  • aspioaokassodsøkasdkøl

    I want to see Gemma Arterton! buuuuuuuuuuuuh!

  • Henrik

    Also, while the no-eyes creatures got a resurgence with Pan’s Labyrinth, you should not forget the ultimate no-eyes creation, H.R. Giger’s The Alien! They look just like it.

    I will go see this movie for the effects obviously, at least this has the grandeur and mythological stuff that is lacking from something like 300. If there’s a kraken and a medusa in there, that’s a big bonus.

  • I had not thought about this until now, one of my childhood favorites. they got to have the owl, but what’s up with the character looking directly at Medusa and not instantly turning to stone? no Cracken CG yet?!

  • Aren’t these ancient epics getting a little overdone?

    Brandon Hansen
    Just South of North

  • Primal

    They definitely needed the owl in this. I hope they go for creepy over cool factor for Medusa. It was one of the 1st horrific images I ever saw in a movie when i was like 5.

  • The Man

    To Much Rock n Roll. Bah! I love the original though.

  • AlexG

    I love The Used’s ‘The Bird and the Worm’ :(
    Plus, 100% agreed, this looks ten times better than Prince of Persia, excluding Gemma Arterton, of course

  • Bart Raynolds


  • MM

    “this looks 10x worse than the POS trailer for Prince of Persia”


  • Bratwurst

    I hope Medusa is as hot as in the first one :P

  • stevie_baby

    Looks genuinely exciting, and this trailer got me looking forward to it. Unlike the Prince of Persia one which was so corny and awful.

  • I like hearing Bird and the Worm in a trailer, but they left out the best parts of the song. Would have worked better with Pirates of the Caribbean 3 for the full effect.

  • jesse

    Why do they have to make a remake so violent, to the degree the story is lost? I prefer the original the effects were hand made by artists, not created by computers,the greek myths should be available for children to learn of other times, and people, this film is a overly violent video game for teenage boys.
    Just more, more trash handed out by a video game driven hollywood.