J.J. Abrams’ Next Mystery Project: 500 Rads


Looks like the rumour mill is starting up again for another under the radar J.J. Abrams movie that is slowly being developed in secrecy — just like Cloverfield was a couple of years ago. The folks over at Pajiba recently got word from an inside source that Abrams and his Bad Robot production company are working on a new project called 500 Rads, and while they don’t know exactly what it’s about, they do have a few intriguing ideas.

The term “rads” refers to an “absorbed radiation dose”, and since the movie is being described as having similarities to both Cloverfield and 28 Days Later, they are speculating that it could be a zombie, viral plague or nuclear post-apocalyptic scenario of some sort. Lost, Alias and Fringe writer Jeff Pinkner has reportedly been the man working on the script thus far. The movie is budgeted at $25 million and will shoot somewhere in Europe (possibly to keep it under wraps). Although it’s not much to go on at the moment, it’s certainly enough to get me excited. The secrecy is frustrating, but at the same time, I respect that Abrams is trying to tightly control the information that gets out. That being said, did Pajiba cross the line by breaking this story? Should it all be stricken from the record? Let’s just say that I’m glad to know that Abrams has got something else up his sleeve. Now forget that you ever read this.

  • Matt

    I hope its more crazy mutated creatures than zombies. There needs to be a bit of a break from zombies imo.

  • mrespony

    I hope this about 500 BMXers tearing shit up Cru Jones style!

  • Matt

    I hope that this is the Fallout movie. RADs in the game refer to the amount of radiation absorbed by the body. And if radiation becomes too high most people die, but for some people it has the effect of turning them into “ghouls.” Ghouls in the game can either be docile or feral. Docile ones behave like people (and only look horribly disfigured,) while feral ones, behave much like fast and enraged zombies. Maybe 500 rads refers to the point at which a human turns into a ghoul.