Film Junk Podcast Episode #241: Paranormal Activity and The House of the Devil


0:00 – Intro
8:04 – Headlines: Tom Hardy Confirmed for Mad Max 4, Evil Dead Theatrical Re-release, Paranormal Activity is the Most Profitable Movie?, Ouija Board Movie Gets Lost Writers, Clancy Brown to Play Lobo?, Spider-Man 4 Villain Will Be The Lizard, Neil Marshall or Neill Blomkamp for Dune?, Adam Sandler Signs on for Jack and Jill, Short Circuit Remake Gets Paul Blart Director, Joss Whedon Terminator Letter
33:50 – Review: Paranormal Activity
1:01:08 – Review: The House of the Devil
1:17:20 – Trailer Trash: Prince of Persia, Avatar, Nowhere Boy
1:33:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Dog Bite Dog, Hellraiser, Happy Birthday To Me, It Might Get Loud, Prince of Darkness
1:55:25 – Junk Mail: Encouraging Piracy, Twister Drive-In Urban Legend, Manga, Cannibal The Musical, Stargate, Filmmaker Influences, Remakes of Crappy Movies, Living a Movie, Cloverfield 2
2:30:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:33:35 – Outro

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  • jaime

    So happy to see film junk covering House of the devil.

  • Napalm

    not downloading until i watch Paranormal Activity.

  • AdamH

    Cheers guys for answering my Junk Mail. There was a lot of questions, sorry about that :) I seem to save them all up, I should send them in more regular..

  • I loved Paranormal Activity, and when I heard Jay gave it a 2.5 I thought he was a fucking retard, but his review actually brought it down a notch for me(but only to like a 3.5 ;D)

  • Henrik

    Great episode. Jay Singing+Greg impersonation is gold.

    Sorry to hear about Chopper. Getting a new pet, or is it time to get a kid?

  • Greg

    That was a decent impression.

  • Cannibal the Musical is worth watching. Its not a very good movie actually, even more hit and miss with more boring parts than their regular work, but its probably more interesting. Jay, I’d recommend you watch it because its like someone took one of your later high school films and turned it into a musical.

  • Greg: I’m pretty sure we could switch roles for an entire show with great success. Although I couldn’t quite capture the glee behind your threats towards Reed.

    Goon: I will likely check it out at some point as the bonus features sound like they’re interesting enough to make up for the film if I don’t like it.

  • I had it on VHS and it had features on the tape after the movie and I remember them being pretty good.

  • ole

    WTF Jay? First Grace, Then Trick r’ Treat and now Paranormal Activity? These are all great horror movies in my opinion. you are still the best part of the podcast but you are slipping.

  • swarez

    I watch Cannibal the Musical regularly with the drunken commentary which is right near the top of the greatest commentaries of all time.
    It’s such a shame that the Orgazmo DVD had such fucked up commentaries sound vise and you can barely hear what they are saying.

  • re: DVD releases

    I rented that Will Ferrell “You’re Welcome America” HBO special, and man, is it awful. It’s so frustrating when something is never funny but consistently ‘almost funny’ or ‘funnyish’. I actually shut it off and may not bother finishing it.

  • Goon

    Jay you may be interested in this write up expressing similar complaints about the boyfriend in Paranormal Activity:

  • Falsk

    Blegh. “You’re Welcome America” was too little too late. Bush jokes were good when he was in office and we had to tolerate him. Once he was gone it was out of sight, out of mind, no more, thanks.

  • Sean– I was also sorry to hear about Chopper. You should get a cat. Just don’t leave Reed around it alone for too long.

    Racial ZING!

  • Goon


    Thats right, a Toronto restaurant specializing in POUTINE. I think its time to load up a camera and film a trip to Poutini’s House of Poutine for the American listeners.

  • Greg

    We’ve been talking about Poutini’s for awhile. Discussed heading there while we were in Toronto for TIFF.

  • jaime


  • What did I do wrong this time, jaime?

    For once from a Film Junk podcast appearance, I thought I would be able to not generate any negative comments directed towards me. (In retrospect, I probably should have kept my opinion about John Carpenter’s direction and music scores to myself.)

  • Alechs

    Poutini is generally one of the better ’boutique’ poutine restaurants in Toronto. They offer a substantial regular poutine with a vast array of additional toppings.
    There is another restaurant that just opened around Queen West that I remember Sean mentioning on the podcast. It isn’t as good; too salty in my opinion.

    I wish they offered poutine with pickles as a regular topping.

  • Jay is totally right about the boyfriend, like I said I loved that movie, but he does just act like a caveman, which I didn’t catch at first. He doesn’t serve much purpose other than comic relief, which he does fine, but it would of been nice if he was actually scared at some point.

  • AdamH

    I must say Sean, thank you for beeping out Reeds spoiler? Luck i wasnt listening live.. :) speaking of which, any plans on another live show?

  • RaphNL

    Is it just me or is Reed obsessed with critics? Every time he talks about a movie he brings in “the critics”.

  • froggiegirl

    Reed – Don’t apologize for being there man. I think you did pretty good and Sean is there to bleep out the spoilers.

    Jay – Owning your own drive-in. Awesome.

  • RaphNL, the brain is a fascinating subject for me and I like to read about the subject of “thinking.” When I like or hate a movie, I have a difficult time explaining with any eloquence the reasons for my opinions. I can say that a movie didn’t scare me, but I think that says more about me than the movie. Anyway, I like to read other critics’ opinions because they sometimes help me understand my reactions to a movie. And they sometimes help me appreciate or understand the viewpoint that is contrary to mine.

    With all that said, I still have yet to read an “intelligent” review of the latest Star Trek film.

  • RJ

    Reed ruled during this podcast that “The Edge” comment had me rolling.

  • Henrik

    I agree, making fun of The Edge may be easy, but it’s well-deserved and Reed of course has the most original delivery of his own punchline, to make it wonderful.

  • aspioaokassodsøkasdkøl

    Its always talk about Jay making short movies and documentaries. Where can i see theseE? Where is the list of Filmjunk movies and Movies that Jay has made?

  • biggie smalls penis

    long live reed, nudity would have made house way batter. noone mentioned that jack galifianakis sucked in it.

    i wouldnt mind living out that demon role, though. reminded me of the classic porn “Debbie does Dallas”

  • Bugsyoz

    Lovn the Happy Birthday To Me review. Classic movie from the early 80s slashers.

    And lol @ Reed…hey the edge..what’s hapnin. :) I’m not a U2 fan at all, so any slagging them off I’m up for.

  • Scott

    The M. Night Shyamalan ‘documentary’ Reed was referring to during the discussion of the Ouija board movie was “The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan”. It was a mockumentary that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel a few days before the release of “The Village”, depicting Shyamalan as having supernatural powers. Unfortunately I run into a few people every now and then who saw it years ago and assume it’s true.

  • The Shyamalan documentary is an interesting curiosity, but most certainly a rather obvious hoax.

    I was a set P.A. on The Village, and they were even sort of secretive about the mockumentary while we were shooting… which was cheesy.

    You can get it on DVD still…

  • I have that Shyamalan mockumentary DVD and the annoying thing is that the DVD cover wrapper makes no mention that it’s a mockumentary. I was expecting to learn about Shyamalan as a filmmaker. I guess I’ll have to find Shyamalan’s book in the bargain book place someday.

  • Henrik

    I have read the book about Shyamalan (“The man who heard voices”) twice, and it is brilliant. Anybody interested in the movie-making process should check it out, it’s a quite honest and brutal depiction of an artist constantly wavering between heavy doubts and supreme confidence.

    It’s not a puff piece by any stretch of the imagination. And Reed, you will know this to be true, because David Bordwell himself says so in his foreword in the 2nd edition.

  • I want Reed’s Top Ten films of all time.

  • 1. Planet of the Apes
    2. Planet of the Apes
    3. Planet of the Apes

  • Henrik

    Reed’s top 10 movies:

    no. 10: Planet of the Apes

    no. 1: Star Trek.

    I am basing this on his top 5 gangster movies.

  • I’m not sure if I can come up with 10 films I like. (Ha ha.)

    I’ll tell you what my two favourite films are: Planet of the Apes (1968) and Hero (2002). If I had to rank them, I would probably have to put Hero as number one because of its greater film artistry. I like these films because I can relate to the philosophies embraced by the characters in the stories.

    *** Spoilers Coming ***

    In the case of The Planet of the Apes, I love the astronaut Taylor’s reason for going out into space. He’s a misanthropist. The trite sci-fi ending of discovering that he’s back on Earth is highly appropriate in this case, because it magnifies Taylor’s hatred of humanity since man destroyed himself. And the apes, the apparent successors to humanity, are no better. I love the pessimism of this film! For some reason, audience-goers really loved the apes, and created the demand for sequels.

    I loved the self-sacrifice shown in Hero. We see the sacrifice of an individual for the love of another person. And we see the sacrifice of an individual for the love of his country.

    Some other movies that I would put in my top ten are (in no particular order): 2046, The Road Home, and Pan’s Labyrinth.

  • I know you’re a fan of Asian cinema. I like your choices of 2046 and Hero. Both quality films in my estimation. Just curious where you’re coming from as you seem to not like anything except one or two movies that no one else really cares for.

    And I’m a Zhang Yimou fan as well.

  • And thank you Sean for correcting the guys on “The Day After TOMORROW.”

    The Day After is a completely different film – one that scared the shit out of me as a child.

  • I’ve only become a fan of recent Asian cinema. Most film critics would place Zhang Yimou films like Raise the Red Lantern in their Top 200, but I prefer the action stuff more with the exception of The Road Home.

    I like a lot of films, but I have a very selective taste when choosing what I would consider “masterpieces.” I’m not so interested in the historical importance of films so much as how a film affects me. I’ve been slowly watching films that are generally considered to be masterpieces, and I have been very disappointed by films like 8 1/2, Lawrence of Arabia, and Rashomon. I admire films like Citizen Kane and Casablanca, but no more than other films that aren’t considered masterpieces.

  • KeithTalent

    Have to agree with Jay on Paranormal Activity, but maybe the guy doing play-by-play behind us at the theatre may have had an impact on the overall feel of the film.

    Glad to hear Reed back on the podcast, I really enjoy what he brings to it.