Video Podcast: A Trip to the Drive-In

As most of you know, we’re big fans of the drive-in here at Film Junk, and during the summer we usually see a lot of movies there. We’re fortunate enough to have a drive-in fairly close by where we live, but I know some people aren’t as lucky, and many haven’t even been to one before. So when we went to the drive-in a couple of months ago for a four-movie marathon, I decided to bring along a camera to document the occasion.

Now before anyone says anything, I should point out that unfortunately I did not capture the ritualistic eating of poutine on camera. I know, it’s inexcusable. I’ll get it next year. Also, another quick disclaimer: don’t expect the quality of this video to be as good as any of the stuff Jay has shot and edited for Film Junk previously. I shot it on a Flip and edited it with Windows Movie Maker, so it’s pretty rough around the edges. Deal with it!

  • Goon

    unlike the one in Fonthill, Oakville’s drive in is still open, and closes very late in the season:

    but as you may see on their homepage, if they had caught you filming there I could have turned you in for a thousand bucks.

  • Gaylord!

    Whos the that girl looking like Jay, just unshaved?

  • Greg’s beard is ridiculously awesome.

  • Liney

    Where I live (London, UK): No drive in, no poutine. You should get this film to the Canadian Tourist Board, cos I’m sold!

    Thanks for posting this, was interesting to see.

  • Eisensammler

    I never went to a drive in (there are none in continental Europe that I am aware of) so this was very enlightening. Thanks! Also, can you maybe post a picture of “poutine”? It does sound disgusting!

  • Walter White

    What the heeeeell, no poutine? Apart from that, thanks for the insight. Looks like fun.

  • dardar

    That dario guy is sooooo good looking.

  • There are some weird and disgusting pictures of poutine out there on the web, but this one is kind of close to what we have around here:

  • The Het

    I gotta drive 75 minutes to get to my closest drive-in. I love the experience so much that it doesnt bother me(the drive). I saw “Zombieland” there a couple of weeks ago and froze my ass off. It was akin to watching a football game in the fall.

  • Great video. My one question is how did you manage to get away with bringing the camera into the drive-in? Did they allow it because you’d shot there before or something?

  • Gaylord!

    I really don’t get the point of poutine. If you have french fries, it fits best with ketchup. Otherwise, grayve is best with mash potatos, or normale potatos. The whole cheese part, i really dont get.
    I have never bought poutine, since they never sell them here. But i have made homemade myself, and it tastes really good. But as i said, not better then french fries with ketchup, and the grayve with mash potatos.

  • The Het: Agreed, the experience is not unlike a tailgate party.

    Rian: We got away with it because the camera is small and the drive-in isn’t all that well-supervised. As Goon mentioned above, I probably could have gotten in trouble for it, but I thought it was worth the risk since it is all in the name of promoting drive-ins worldwide!

    Gaylord: You could always do the Cheel Special… order poutine and then slather it with ketchup.

  • Joe

    wow you stuck it through till 4:30 am, you guys are hardcore man.
    nice vid

  • Gaylord!

    But wouldn’t grayve mixed with ketchup screw up the whole thing? And if ive gone that far, why not just order french fries?
    Hehehehe, i dont know man. I’ts not something im familiar with. I guess your love for poutine is the same as mine to burritos.

  • My aunt use to baby-sit me and my older sister by taking us to the drive-in with her boyfriend. they basically had sex in the back seat while we were in the front seat. my therapist has it all documented….

  • that motherfucker from vancouver

    poutine is the shit

  • Napalm

    You guys should have had a scene of eating poutine!

  • Falsk

    Your drive-in’s all fancy with its 4 screens.

    Who sits in the car during the films? Stupid people like my friends and me who went a couple of weeks ago for a triple feature when it was 40 degrees out. Speaking of which… was that the one you went to Het-man? Are you a Becky’s man?

    Lastly, this fucking poutine hype needs to end. When I went to Canada for a class trip years ago, all the upperclassmen were pumping me up for this shit… and, like… it’s not that mysterious, people! It’s gravy and fries.

  • The Bicycles!

    Great video, Sean.

  • @Falsk – Poutine is not just gravy and fries!

  • Awesome video, I love the drive in. I took in many many films as a child at them and still go back at least once or twice per summer. Here in Kansas City we have no less than 4 drive in’s in operation. I don’t think any of them have snack bars quite as fancy as the one in the video however.

    KC recently had a Frans Restaurant open up, I hear its big up in Toronto. They are the first place in town to serve poutine. I can’t wait to get there and try some out.

  • The guys have been trying to convince me to go to the drive-in with them for at least two years now and I’ve managed to hold out. (I told them I wouldn’t go until I managed to find a date; this excuse practically guarantees me from ever having to go to the drive-in.) Well, from this video, I feel even less inclined to go to the drive-in now. Sean, your shaky-cam made me want to puke by the end. Ha ha.

  • finaljoe

    I’m surprised the camera didn’t melt from Greg’s awesomeness.

  • Falsk

    @Shaun Hatton – I’m not saying it can’t be good. But everyone acts like it’s this magical, mysterious entity. It’s a snack food! I don’t hear Canadians getting in a titter every time someone mentions a deep-fried oreo, lol.

  • djjjd

    Shut the fuck up Falsk! Poutine is more then grayve and fries! Poutine is the shit! Poutine is heavens food! Poutine is Russias prime minister too!

  • Dexter Morgan

    i remember going to a (now-closed) drive-in near me (i live in wisconsin), it was a double-bill of the “power rangers movie” and “congo”. i didnt stay awake for congo, but i distinctly remember seeing a trailer for the chuck norris/dog buddy-cop movie “Top Dog” – oh the good old days.

  • Dennis

    Since I’m new to the podcast (6 months old), this is my first time seeing you guys which is only going to make future listens that much better. I think Greg looks like Johnathan Frakes (Commander Riker from Star Trek Next Gen) from 20 years ago only 27 pounds heavier. Not quite the visual I had in my head when listening. I’m going to laugh my ass off now when I think of Commander Riker calling someone a douchebag.

  • Justice

    One of the best aspects of living in a place with year long nice weather is that the drive in is always open! Double features all year around.

  • Henrik

    Could djjjd be Jay?

    Greg does look alot like Riker, I think this is why he refuses to have the Riker beard, because people would think he was deliberately trying to mimic Jonathan Frakes.

    Jay looks like he lost weight though, or maybe it’s just because his face looks cleaner than in usual videos.

  • I’m one of the unfortunates who have never been to a drive-in and this video just makes me want to go even more!
    Four movies straight? You guys are movie-watching machines.

  • Falsk

    I would hope the real Jay Cheel knows how to spell ‘gravy’….

  • Greg

    Christ…I’ve gotten the Riker thing since that damn show went on the air. I used to have a chin-strap beard and got rid of it because people said I looked like him all the time.

    I even got it at the Toronto Comic-Con this summer and I only had a fu-manchu moustache at the time.

    If I’m in a comic store and walk with my upper torso turned sideways…people go fucking nuts.

  • Marc

    Good job guys, it was great to see you all in your element!

  • John Anthony

    4 movies till 4:30 am, fucking awesome. i live in wilmington, nc and have never been to a drive in before