Spider-Man 4 Villain Will Be The Lizard… And Only The Lizard


With things continuing to move ahead slowly but surely on Spider-Man 4, fans are still clamoring for any details they can possibly get about Spidey’s next big screen adventure. In particular, one of the major questions up until this point has been, who will be movie’s main villain? Well, finally some insider reports are trickling out this week that would seem to have any answer to that question. It’s looking like the baddie this time around will be Dr. Curt Connors aka The Lizard, the seeds for whom had already been planted in previous films.

In recent interviews for Trick r’ Treat, Dylan Baker had confirmed to several sources that he would return to play Dr. Connors for Spider-Man 4. However, what he did not say was just how big his role would be. According to MarketSaw, however, a reliable source has revealed that The Lizard will be the movie’s primary and only villain. I’m guessing a lot of people will be ecstatic to hear that Sam Raimi is focusing on just one villain this time around, but is The Lizard the best choice? I’m not familiar enough with Spider-Man to know whether or not The Lizard is a great villain. Give us your opinions in the comments below!

  • Rick

    “The Lizard is the 4th top Spidey villain just under Green Goblin,Doc Ock and Venom. The typical Jeckle/Hyde story, you feel sorry for this tragic character of Conners but at the same time thrill to the savage, monsterous Lizard. Pete would have his hands full and this villain can easily take center stage.

    With Conners in all 3 films, it’s natural he’d finally evolve to his proper status. My only regret is that Hasbro changed their action figure scale. Us collectors could use a better Lizard figure at 6″.

    Regardles, bring him on! We need some CGI jaw snapping action!”

  • Geoff Willis

    I think the Lizard is the perfect choice, his story is epic enough to just hold one movie. But, at least have some lead ins to other villains

  • BigHungry

    As someone at work told me… Maybe Sam R. should be the villain in this one for making Spidey3…. I do think that Drag me 2 Hell… Totally Redeemed him though!

    But the Lizard is the right step. I would like to see at the very end of the movie just a bunch off Villains show up from no where and have spidey fight them all. That would be bold move. The Shocker, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture!

  • I always thought it would be the Lizard, just due to there being newspaper in Jamison’s office with headlines reading, “Lizard strikes again!”, or w/e they said.

  • Including the Lizard is a genuine idea to help Spider-Man fans of the former generation to remember how the Spider-Man universe used to be. The same goes for past villains such as the Green Goblin and Doc Ock with the exception of Venom who appeared years later. Special effects always make movies possible. And as BigHungry suggested above, other earlier villains showing up help revitalize the memorabilia to tie in with younger fans nowadays.

  • James

    The Lizard would be a good choice for a fourth Spider-Man movie, but i think there should be a movie based on of the tv show called The New Spider-Man from 1994, there is an episode where Peter Parker has an mutation problem and some problems with he’s powers. Just like in Spider-Man 2 he’s losing he’s powers for a while. But there should be a mutation movie where Spider-Man becomes a mutated Spider.

  • Chris

    This would be awesome and very interesting. Without crowding the movie with villains, this would give a chance to focus on our hero more.

  • jaime

    Good News!

  • Napalm

    So far so good.

  • Maopheus

    You kind of knew they were building up to a movie with the Lizard, as Connors has been a recurring character in the previous movies. It will be neat to see how they render the character. I hope they use a good combination of makeup, animatronics for the tail, and appropriate CGI.

  • spiderman

    its so cool im a really huge fan of spiderman

  • I think The Lizard’s the definite main villain for the third sequel to the original film from 2002.

  • The Lizard is the best villain for Spider-Man 4.