Carnivale’s Brother Justin to Play Guy Ritchie’s Lobo?


It still hasn’t quite sunk in for me that Guy Ritchie’s next project will be a Lobo movie, but this week we have our first casting rumour for the lead role, which if nothing else, serves as a reminder that this is actually happening (eventually). The actor who is reportedly being considered for Lobo is a bit of a surprise though, as it’s someone that not many people will recognize by name alone. According to Comics2Film at, the person that keeps coming up in discussions is character and voice actor Clancy Brown.

Who is Clancy Brown? Well, some will know him as The Krugan in Highlander or Kelvin on Lost, but for me his most memorable role to date has been as the menacing Brother Justin on HBO’s Carnivale. He also does a ton of voice acting, including Lex Luthor in Justice League. Although Brown may not have all the physical characteristics of a wrestler, he does have an imposing presence on screen and a booming voice. Considering that Lobo’s look will probably be a combination of costume, make-up and CG (much like Hellboy), he could be an ideal choice. I just think it’s awesome that they’d consider him for a lead role in a comic book movie. Going with lesser known (and less expensive) actors seems to be a popular route for comic book movie casting lately, and in general I think it’s good news. Can you see Clancy Brown as Lobo? Is there someone better suited for the role?

  • swarez

    Don’t forget that Brown does the voice of Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants.
    This is a great idea, love him as an actor and he’s got a terrific presence and a chilling voice.
    And it’s about time he’s got a lead part in a big movie.

  • RaphNL

    Kelvin Inman!

  • Bionic Commando

    He was also the drill instructor Zimm in starship troopers. The Jeffery Dean Morgan I read about last week would also be an appealing choice. Don’t forget the comic’s creators have not been consulted at all about this movie.

  • John

    Swarez is right. Clancy should have had his turn at a more meatier role after Troopers. I reckon Michael Ironside got those roles.

  • damn, that dude is old, almost 50

  • Swarez

    So is Ron Perlman and he’s headlined two blockbusters.

  • What about the menacing Captain Hadley in Shawshank Redemption? “What is your malfunction, you fat barrel of monkey spunk?”

  • Rasputin

    Guy Ritchie is the perfect choice for a Lobo movie, and I believe that Clancy can pull off the attitude necessary to properly represent “The Main Man,” the only problem is the obsession movie producers and or studios seem to have with making comic or game movie transitions “accessible” to the “viewing public” by which they seem to think requires a total “re-imagining” of the characters and storyline and pretty much EVERYTHING that made the subject cool in the first place… And I just wanted to say, as a rabid (Simon Bizley, and no other,) Lobo fan… WE DON’T NEED NO STEENKIN TEENAGE GIRLS TO FILL OUT THE PLOTLINE!!! Look, I appreciate females, I’m no misogynist, but they have PLENTY of movies that are for them… and trying to “humanize” Lobo and make the film more “accessible” is, almost certainly, going to alienate the people who will most want to see the movie… Lobo is all about throwing convention out with the bathwater AND the baby… Blood, guts, gross negligence and visceral spilling of viscera. If Lobo came across a teenage girl in distress he would most likely save her BY ACCIDENT and then EAT HER HEART as soon as she tried to assert her righteous feminine perspective… Were talking about a guy who is, for the most part, an aerodynamic DEMON with GUNS… And frankly, all the things that studios seem to think make a good movie are all the things that Lobo exists to mock… dammit.

  • alpoc

    he also played lex luthor on the justice league animated series. he has great range from mr crabs to lex. good choice