Clint Eastwood’s Invictus Trailer Starring Matt Damon


Two Matt Damon trailers in less than 24 hours? Apparently the man has been keeping busy. Well, it’s almost November which means it’s time for the Oscar bait to start rolling out, and with that you can always expect at least one new Clint Eastwood movie. This one is based on a true story about Nelson Mandela’s first term as president of South Africa, and how he pinned hopes for uniting the country on the 1995 Rugby World Cup. Morgan Freeman is a no brainer to play Nelson Mandela, while Matt Damon plays South African team captain Francois Pienaar.

Clint Eastwood’s films always seem to walk a thin line between real drama and cheesy sentimentality, and this one looks like it could go either way. However, the uplifting nature of the story is appealing, and really, who can resist a good underdog sports movie? I’m sure Matt Damon will be a big draw as well. Invictus hits theatres on December 11th; check out the trailer after the jump or watch it in HD over at Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

  • I’m not buying the accents at all. I’m no expert on South African accents, but even if they are authentic, they don’t sound right coming from American movie stars, especially Matt Damon.

    Also, this looks horribly cheesy, and I don’t think Freeman physically resembles Mandela at all.

  • I’m a rugby fan and can remember 1995 world cup – it was awesome – this looks great and they seem to have everything correct right down to the advertisement boards in the stadium. Look out for Jonah Lomu in the film. Awesome player

  • Napalm

    this actually doesn’t look good to me at all. freeman seems like he’s trying too hard to be “south african”.. that accent doesn’t work too well either.

  • Niklas

    well, this looks terrible.. unless cat eating aliens show up somewhere..

  • I’m crying already…

  • Maopheus

    I like rugby and I really dig the fact that there is going to be a film about rugby as there are very few in the non-rugby loving world, i.e. the US. Having said that, I don’t necessarily buy Damon as Francois Pienaar. I like the touch of having Lomu reprise his actual real-life role. I’ll be curious to see how many real players they use in the match scenes. I think he had a huge World Cup that year. Lomu was on pace to become arguably the greatest wing back ever but kidney disease cut short his career. I suppose how you view the movie depends on whether you like rugby or not. I’m sure fans of the sport will watch it just out of curiosity. You have to give Clint a lot of credit for tackling subjects that are out of his comfort zone.

  • xego

    This could be cheezze ala “Stand and Deliver,” but Eastwood knows how to tell a story. Unfortunately he knows that audiences tend to love cheezze so there is the dilemma. As for the accents I don’t know? Irish and Australians have been faking American accents for so long turn about is fair play I guess. I am just wondering if (as an American) I can care about Rugby anymore than I don’t care about Soccer?

  • Marymary

    I am very much looking forward to watching Invictus. From the trailer, Matt Damons South African accent sounds convincing enough, can’t say the same for Morgan Freeman.

    Being a huge rugby fan, I remember the 95 world cup, it was an amazing. I’m also a huge Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon fan, and all the more reason to be excited about this film, its directed by the one and only Clint Eastwood.

  • uhtiger

    thats not jonah lomu, its a guy from england. given he does look abit like him, hes about 40 pounds lighter and 4 inches shorter.

  • Lee

    The guy playing Jonah is an England-based Samoan player called Zak Feau-nati.

  • eber hart

    —STILL MORE safe, by-the-book, PC project
    work from the LONG rich ‘daring maverick’
    one-note ‘earnest’ —Clint Eastwood.

    MEANWHILE, Korea era draftee Eastwood,
    who NEVER saw Korea —along with our ENTIRE
    RED China sellout Hollywood and media establishment
    once again manages to ‘TOTALY overlook’
    the staggeringly relevant 60th Anniversary
    of the KOREAN WAR —–EVEN AS
    people continue to suffer and die imprisoned
    and ignored —-by—-the——-MILLION!

    —–Thanks Clint! —-GOOOD WORK!