Film Junk Podcast Episode #240: Where The Wild Things Are


0:00 – Intro
2:30 – Sean Talks about Japan
7:25 – Jay Talks about the Flyway Film Festival
16:55 – Greg Talks About his New Gig
19:30 – Headlines: Ricky Gervais to Host Golden Globes, First Official A-Team Image, Chris Farley DirecTV Commercial, New Anti-Paparazzi Law, Mad Max 4 Casting Rumours, Chris Pine is the New Jack Ryan, Jackie Earle Haley Rumoured for Sinestro, Wes Anderson Directed Fantastic Mr. Fox via E-mail
41:05 – Review: Where The Wild Things Are
58:20 – Trailer Trash: Edge of Darkness, Until the Light Takes Us, The Expendables
1:09:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: FlashForward / Community / Eastwick, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Trick r Treat, The Brothers Bloom, Crude Independence, Astro Boy, Outrage, Assassination of a High School President, In The Loop
1:33:00 – Paranormal Activity Audience Rant
1:39:35 – Junk Mail: Val Kilmer, What We Eat While Watching Movies, HMV Prices, How Film Junk Got Started + Greg and a Hooker, Observations From an Early Episode, The X-Files, Film Festival Music Rights, The Venture Brothers
2:08:50 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:12:00 – Outro

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  • Goon

    Sad to say WTWTA left me cold and feeling miserable. I understood what was being said and that the filmmaking choices were ‘daring’ (I guess), but in the end I just got sick of watching it and psychoanalyzing what was happening wasn’t all that entertaining. I also got a hopeless message from it that kind of turns me off. I would reexamine it in the future as I think Jonze has earned it, but I need some time/distance from it before going back there.

  • Goon

    Sean and Greg made a lot of the complaints I would have made (though unlike Greg I liked the start of the film the most) without really explaining what they liked about it to give it a 3/4. Anything either of you’d expand on or was it mostly just the visuals? I thought in advance that would have had me giving it an auto-pass (Henson fanboy) but I was actually a bit disappointed in the lack of variety visually as well, as in it wasn’t enough to carry it through when I wasn’t so entertained.

    to Jay: re: Karen O. I agree. I actually heard the album in advance and really liked it, but hearing in within the context of the film clashed as often as it fit. “All is Love” in particular didn’t really fit.

  • jaime

    About time guy’s.

  • Niklas

    dang Sean, I wasen’t expecting a podcast until next week. Don’t work yourself to death!

  • AdamH

    I havent listened to this yet, but i was going to send in asking Jay what he was going to do about the music in his film at the festival. Was not expecting an episode this early but Sean you are the man!

  • Liney

    Sean, just listening to your experience at the Japanese restaurant, and I experienced something similar in Paris.

    Me and my girlfriend are both vegetarians, and we’d found this place listed in one of the mainstream guidebooks, situated in Montmartre, which is the popular area where Amelie is set. However, it was the size of someone’s bedroom, and was run by one woman (who turned up late as she’d had trouble finding her keys), who did all the order taking, cooking, money taking etc herself. The menu had three options, the last of which said “only available if the cook isn’t busy”, and getting more drinks or getting the bill took ages because the woman would be in the kitchen for long periods cooking for the other tables. Was a decent enough evening, but not what we expected!

  • Daemon

    Excellent episode guys. The “stroke my cock off” bit literally had me in tears with laughter. Looking forward to your reviews of paranormal activity. Cheers

  • rob

    i love this podcast and the American Apparel ads all over the site

  • Kyriacos

    Oy , sean i cannot download the podcast from my iphone fix it..

  • sean – w/ that $20 I sent in for the year I DO expect you to work yourself to death! I want FilmJunk to be run like a badly ventilated Philippine textile farm.

    (seriously, glad your back, thanks again for the site)

    On the American Apparel Ads, if you don’t already know, Don Chaney uses porn stars as models, I’m going to buy a Tshirt to support the cause!

    I look forward to the listening the the Wild Things Review. I too left the theater confused, unsure, and wanting more.

    I got confused because the one wild thing seemed to be Max’s sister, yet, I couldn’t figure out what people the other wild things represented. Then I realized the wild things represented emotions but this only pissed me off because I had spent 40 minutes going the other way.

    If the intent was to make the wild things representations of Max’s (childhood in general) emotions and his realization that he needs to deal with those emotions to live, then I feel the way thefilmmakers chose to do this was lacking. The dialogue,scenarios developed to examine this idea fell short.

    Part of me feels that Spike was pulled in two directions. First, he wanted to do a story about childhood and dealing with emotions. Secondly, he wanted to tell a story using the stream of conscious, imagination and dialogue that children use. These two things fight each other as one is a very complex examination of child psychology and the other is very loose and playful. A movie is first and foremost a story and Spike set up a structure that made it hard to clearly tell his main story.

  • Kyriacos: Is it not listed on iTunes yet, or is the download just broken? I just checked the RSS feed and the link seems to be working.

  • Swarez

    Who’s cock do I need to stroke off to get my hilarious list of gay porn titles that Stephen (Fright Night) Geoffreys has been in read on the show?

  • /\/\/\/\because Sasha Grey tops him in every way

  • swarez

    Hey! Don’t knock Butt Blazers until you’ve seen it.

  • kyriacos

    ok sean i don’t know why its working fine now ..

    Thank god.. i almost had to go jogging without the new filmjunk podcast..
    what a tragic irony that is by the way.. greg n jay helping other people getting back to shape..

  • kyriacos

    I think Jays line:
    ”expendables is gonna be great coz is full of men”
    made me look like a sociopath who runs at the park.. and laughs with no particular reason..

  • kris

    “knife murder with reed ” just having finished the criterion John Lurie series “fishing with john” im convinced this would catapult fimljunk to greatness.

    the series could consist of reed and greg shopping for pants.

  • jaime

    Jay want’s Manly men?

  • jaime

    @ Sean,Sorry that your movie Going Experience was so shit!Do what i do take a ShotGun.

  • Chris

    I have never laughed so hard listening to a podcast at the Australian accent segment. Tooooo friggin funny.

  • Goon

    Get your Riding Knife Murder “Aussiecution 09 Tour” shirts today:

  • KeithTalent

    Sean: Glad to hear someone talk about In The Loop. This only played for about 2 weeks in a tiny (~40 seat theatre) here in Vancouver and I was fortunate enough to see it. Very funny stuff and I loved the relationships between the interns and the higher ups. Peter Capaldi was absolutely awesome as Malcolm Tucker, what a fantastic character.

  • KeithTalent

    Whoops, also meant to mention 2 decent Val Kilmer movies form the past while, for those interested:

    Felon – A prison movie that has some flaws, but overall is pretty damn good.

    The Salton Sea – Kilmer falls into the seedy world of drugs and thugs. Quite dark, but not a bad movie.

  • swarez

    The main reason Val Kilmer fell out of the loop was because he was a huge asshole to everyone on set and people didn’t want to work with him anymore. He made a come back of sorts in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and then it was straight to video for him for a large part of his roles.
    Val’s got to eat.

  • Falsk

    Just wanted to say that if you guys get HBO you should check out the short featurette “Tell Them Anything You Want” that Spoke Jonez did on Maurice Sendak. It felt like the perfect companion piece to “Where the Wild Things Are” and in it, Sendak says that the book was never intended to be a kid’s book and I believe Spike Jonez says the movie was not intended to be a kid’s movie, either.

  • I’ve been wanting to see that but I can’t find any air dates for it on HBO Canada. LAME.

  • Goon

    The FJ crew definitely needs to check out Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sooner than later. Kilmer is awesome in it.

  • AdamH

    Jay, im from Australia and i think i will have to send in some voice junk mail saying certain Aussie phrases so u can learn from :)

  • Bugsyoz

    @AdamH above (I’m from the gong, NSW)..I eMailed Greg one time…he replied to me saying ‘what the holy hell does that mean’ to an aussie phrase. :) He had no idea what it was aboot.

  • AdamH

    haha well im from Newy (NSW) yeah Greg abused me a few months back :( so i think i will do a voicemail abusing him with our aussie slang :)

  • Liney

    On the subject of “In The Loop”, a new series of “The Thick of it” just started in the UK, and I still maintain that this small screen version (which still features Malcolm Tucker, who is based on British political spin doctor Alastair Campbell) is even funnier than the film. Check it out.

  • Liney: I had heard that In The Loop was based on a TV series and I had been meaning to look into that. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Glendon

    Finally, a shout out to In The Loop! That movie rules. Have any of you seen Hunger?

  • Still haven’t seen Hunger, but I’ve been meaning to check it out.

  • Napalm

    Jay Cheel, stroking cocks off since October 27th, 2009.

  • Rusty James

    ^^^^ Jay’s rabid cult fallowing is getting out of hand.

  • i’m so glad that this book got turned into a movie.