Until The Light Takes Us Trailer: A Documentary about Norwegian Black Metal


With the recent success of such docs as Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Heavy Metal in Baghdad and Anvil! The Story of Anvil, it seems that heavy metal is a pretty popular topic in the world of non-fiction right now. In Sam Dunn’s Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, one of the most fascinating (and creepy) segments was the stuff involving the Norwegian Black Metal bands, who were also featured in a short doc that was included on the DVD release of the film. Well, if you wanted to know more about this disturbing and violent subculture of musicians who supposedly burn churches and commit murder in the name of their music, you probably should check out Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell’s feature-length film Until The Light Takes Us.

The filmmakers supposedly moved to Norway and lived with the various band members for several years in order to gain their trust and try to make sense of it all. Although I’m not very familiar with most of these names, key interview subjects include Gylve Fenris Nagell of Darkthrone and convicted murderer Varg Vikernes of Mayhem. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the music (which I’m not), this looks looks like some pretty compelling and scary stuff indeed. Until The Light Takes Us hits select theatres on Nov. 20th. For an updated list of theatres and screenings, stay tuned to the official website. A new trailer for the film just recently debuted on Apple; I’ve also embedded it after the jump.

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  • Napalm

    Damn! This looks like something I must watch!

  • Goon

    Vikernes is most associated as being Burzum

    I’d definitely watch it but most black metal articles always end up focusing and repeating the same 3-6 things that happened in 1992.

    meanwhile, Dunn is apparently working on some metal history show for CTV based on the ‘branching’ from the first Metal movie.

  • Not into metal, but I find anything about Scandinavian culture fascinating.

  • demonhead6

    Makes me want to watch “45 days” again

    Those who have seen it know why. There is a funny spoof on Norwegian Black Metal

  • asdasd

    I live in Norway and i am ashamed of this. Black Metal fucking sucks, and is as bad as techno. Hard Rock and all that shit fucking sucks dick.

  • asdasd

    And that is not a part of our fucking culture. Only wannabe cool people and emos are like that. Rest of the people listen to techno, hip hop and rap which sucks even less.

  • Justice

    This will be interesting if they really get into it. The true Black Metal bands are really intense, with band members killing each other and burning down churches and all kinds of upbeat things like that.

  • drewsifer

    The other metal docs really gave me an appreciation of metal in a new way, and this new one is exactly the shit i wanted to see delved into more in Metal: A Headbangers Journey this should be good.

  • Maopheus

    I am a fan of black metal, and I’m sure that Norwegians are more than a little conflicted about the whole genre and the incidents that occurred. I have also read a very good book about the same subjects. It seemed as if the whole scene was very small and rather incestuous, with many guys who would play on many different bands. So really even there were say maybe 20 bands, maybe there were only 30 actual guys. Now obviously the most lurid and violent bands and people got the most attention but they were not the best.

  • Alex

    Best “metal” band ever = Opeth. They are not insane murderers… just brilliant musicians lol. but they cover black metal as well as a very eclectic range of other genres (not just metal genres i mean ALL other genres). Theyre from Sweden.

  • Alisha

    This was really good. My metal education continues!