Mel Gibson Is Back: Trailer For Edge of Darkness Debuts


Well you had better decide if you’re hanging on the cross, or banging in the nails

Fuck yeah. Mel Gibson is back. The trailer for Edge of Darkness, his first film since 2003’s The Singing Detective, has debuted online – and it’s looking awesome. The trailer both shows intense action and the workings of a great plot, which isn’t surprising seeing as the movie is based on an excellent BBC miniseries from 1985 that the film’s director (Casino Royale-director Martin Campbell) actually directed himself back in the day. So get ready for an engaging thriller with Gibson back in action. This is going to be intense.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

  • that is a good line! looooooooks goooooood.

  • kris

    you guys better review this shit. banging nails

  • Big Hungry

    Riggs is back.
    I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks this…. but as Mel is getting older he reminds me of an older John Wayne. An older bad ass is just what the screen needs.

  • drewsifer

    Originally there was no daughter and Mel Gibson just went around fucking up random jews for an hour and thirty minutes. But Hollyvitz being what it is the script was changed. But seriously this does have a few hints of Taken in it. Does look like a badass revenge flick.

  • /\/\/\/\/\/\ the ex girlfriend you keep leaving messages for called, she said “move on”

  • Looks good. Apparently the bad guy turns out to be Mel’s mullet, back for vengeance after years in the wilderness.

  • Bratwurst

    Cheers to Mel!

  • JR

    “Fasten your seatbelt”s this looks pretty f’ing awesome.

  • JakeRaven

    I remember this mini series!!! Really looking forward to it.

  • Marc

    It’s good to see Mel back!

  • Tommy

    Mel Gibson can always surprise you. Looks good.