Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables Trailer


A promo trailer for The Expendables has leaked. I’ve seen it, like Jay, with my eyes, and I like what I saw. A bit clunky here and there with the sound and coloring not quite in place, but that is understandable as it’s just a promo reel intended for distributors after all. All the finishing touches that will make it all smooth and awesome are yet to be done. But apart from that, the essence of it is awesome. The promo is filled to the rim with cheese – intended even – and it reeks of 1990, so it couldn’t be any better.

The promo shows just about all of the major cast, though I am disappointed with the little time that is spent with Dolph Lundgren, who is looking especially bad ass when finally seen. The only bad thing I have to say about the trailer is Jet Li, who just seems out of place. I hope Lundgren’s character ends up killing him. Even Batista from Dexter is looking good, which is the biggest surprise of all. In the end, I am satisfied, although not all that impressed (again, understandable at this stage), but my faith in the movie is growing. This is going to be b-movie madness on a triple A budget. Check out the trailer after the jump.

  • swarez

    Dig it.
    Though it seems strange that Lundgren is shown with the team in that end photo when he’s clearly one of the bad guys. But it’s probably just a publicity pic.

  • The Het

    This will be the best film of the year. Bar none. I have spoken.

  • pcch7

    I think Machete´s gonna be better

  • Damndirtyape

    Looks soooo dumb. Every conceivable tired cliche imaginable wrapped into one movie – I particularity loved the sleazy bad guy playing with the hair of of the captive ethnic heroine. They even had time to throw in water boarding lest we overlook the torture method dejour. What ever happened to the good old days with car batteries and jumper cables?

    I guess the defense will be that this is SUPPOSED to be corny and stupid and “80’s” retro.. fair enough but are the actors and director in on the joke?

  • Nice twitter post.

    This is definitely a promo trailer and boy does it show. Glad to see Dolph in a mainstream action film again.

    Too bad Van Dammme turned down a role in this but I can’t blame him.

    Looking foward to the theatrical trialer.

  • BigHungry

    I will see it but I am not sold yet.

  • Ray

    this sucks, I can’t watch it because I’m in Ireland

  • kyriacos

    yeah the link is dead in cyprus as well..

    RACIAL discrimination @ filmjunk…

  • Napalm

    i wasn’t blown away or anything. but then again it’s not the final output so yeah..

    i lol’d seeing Batista on this haha… didn’t know he had a part.

  • The video has now been straight up removed, does anyone out there have a link or something?

  • Its on Trailer Addict.

  • Ray

    this one works, for the moment!

    My initial excitement for this has gone a little south, I’ll remain hopeful though

  • Napalm

    just wanted to drop by and say…

    I OWN YOU!!!!

  • tj

    i am sold–big horny you need to re-think

  • kyriacos

    I finally got to see the trailer, This movie looks really bad.. And Stallone looks like he had to many plastic surgeries,…. i suspect the plot is gonna be soooo BAD that even the bible would made more sense next to it. Too many characters- too lame director to get it across,,

    Its like Stallone said.. ”ok i made 2 not all that bad movies that were sort of critically acclaimed so now i get to go back and do a cash grab with the same old shit”

  • John

    Gotta agree with kyriacos.

    Just the same old shit he was churning out at the Demolition Man point of his career. Statham is obviously being set up as the focus for the kids and Stallone for the 25+ age group. Was that Jon Favreau as the South American dictator?

  • Ray

    “Was that Jon Favreau as the South American dictator?”

    no, it’s the other blood expert guy from Dexter