Joe Dante to Direct Netflix Web Series Splatter Starring Corey Feldman


Good news Feldog fans! Not only is Lost Boys 3 officially gearing up to start production next month, but Corey Feldman is also going to be taking part in an intriguing team-up between two b-movie superstars: producer Roger Corman and director Joe Dante. He’ll be playing the lead role in a horror web series that Netflix is putting together that will be streamed online absolutely free. I’m assuming it will be for Netflix subscribers only, but I haven’t seen confirmation of this either way.

The series is called Splatter and it will debut over the Halloween weekend. Although most of the details are still under wraps, Feldman recently revealed on his blog that his character’s name is quite simply… Jonny Splatter! There is also a short teaser trailer featuring Feldman on the official website that delivers more than enough blood to live up to the series name. After enjoying Dante’s The Hole at TIFF, I’m definitely curious to see what he’ll come up with here, although it seems a little more hardcore than his usual fare. What do you think, will this web series be worth more than the low, low price of admission?

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  • Jurassicalien

    The fact that it’s free, and has the names it has (B list or not) I’ll watch it. The trailer is…interesting, not much of a trailer as much as just a bizarre scene. Will it be good? Hopefully. I do wonder who the writer is, but with Dante if anything it’ll at least be watchable.

  • Cheese Louise

    Joe Dante deserves a new and exciting cinematic term dedicated to his work exclusively. I mean like c’mon, who out there has done as much wickedness as Mr. Dante?

    He’s a writer, director, producer and frikking cinema-story genius.

    Like seriously, he’s beyond the effing alphabet!

    I hope they show tiddies!

  • Cheese Louise

    Oh. And CF is a cock.

  • Cheese Louise

    Awesome clip.