Tooth Fairy Trailer Starring Dwayne Johnson


Dwayne Johnson’s movie career has taken an odd and relatively shameless turn over the past few years. Like most wrestlers, he started out in Hollywood as an up and coming action star doing movies like The Scorpion King, The Rundown, and Walking Tall. After Doom and Southland Tales, however, he settled into more family-friendly territory and has never looked back. Now the trailer for his latest film Tooth Fairy has arrived online, and well… let’s just say it’s about as family-friendly as it gets.

The Rock is Derek Thompson, a scrappy minor-league hockey player who hits so hard that he has earned the nickname “The Tooth Fairy” from opposing players. His bad attitude eventually lands him in hot water, however, and he is granted magical powers and forced to serve as a real honest-to-goodness Tooth Fairy. Hilarious! Would you expect anything more from the director of The Santa Clause 2? The cast also includes Julie Andrews, Ashley Judd and Billy Crystal. Only one question: what the hell is Stephen Merchant doing in this?! Tooth Fairy hits theatres on January 22, 2010; marvel at the glorious trailer after the jump.

  • Matt

    No comment.

  • Falsk

    I had to sit through this shit three times in the spans of six hours today. I want it to DIE.

  • jaime

    It must be nice to work for Di$ney.($$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

  • I was just about to say that Disney must have an embarrassing video of The Rock that they’re blackmailing him with. But then I realized, it’s probably just his audition tape. This movie looks brutal.

  • Goon

    I hear Race to Witch Mountain is actually pretty good, even though I dont care if I ever saw it. I don’t begrudge the Rock for taking these jobs, it actually fits his demeanor well, and its not like many action movies with the Rundown’s sense of humor come along very often.

  • I don’t care too much about The Rock’s career these days, but if you’re going to keep running those American Apparel ads you might as well go full porn. You won’t even have to change the name of the site!

  • Falsk

    Hahaha, I hate those ads, too. Of all places…

  • adults only

    what the fuck is this shit? I’m too cool for this shit. I want to see gangsta and blood and violence n shit. Not this family shit. Fuck family. I’m hardcore and cool and shit look at me I hate this