Roger Avary Gets a Year in Jail for Manslaughter


Hey, who says big name Hollywood types always get off easy? Oscar-winning writer/director Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe, The Rules of Attraction) has been sentenced to a year in prison this week following his involvement in a 2008 car crash that resulted in the death of a passenger. He was driving home in Southern California at night when he lost control of the car and crashed into a telephone pole at over 100 mph. His wife was ejected from the car and treated for non-life-threatening injuries, while his friend Andreas Zini was killed. Avary also received five years probation after pleading guilty to gross vehicular manslaughter and drunken driving.

Granted, Avary is from from a “big name” in Hollywood, and apparently the maximum sentence was 12 years, but either way, he is definitely going to do some hard time. Avary’s most recent screenwriting credit was for Robert Zemeckis’ Beowulf, which he co-wrote with Neil Gaiman. He also is working on a Return to Castle Wolfenstein movie, and the sequel to Silent Hill.

  • Rick

    he was drunk driving. crashed into a car, kills a person and he only get’s 1 year? you call that hard time? i can’t beleive they didn’t go for a neglegence charge either.

    oh well, maybe him and roman can share the cell. get out in 3 weeks with good behavior.

  • Slushie Man

    At least he owned up to it and fully admitted it, and its gotta be hard living with the fact that you killed your friend. But with that said, he got what he deserved for it as well.

  • Well, it’s definitely not 90 days for psychiatric evaluation. Either way, I get the impression that he was not treated any differently than anyone else would be in this situation considering he had no other previous charges. But I could be wrong.

  • Rick

    well it also depends alot on the prosecuting attorney and what exactly is the sentence their going for. because judges, attorney’s, and other circumstances vary so much that it’s hard to get a base line of what exactly is the average for sentencing in something like this. and previous offences come to play alot in a judge’s sentencing. but because this crime is so serious it’s hard to know weather that would indeed play a factor

    that being said. yes i do admit he got a harsher sentence. and he will live with it for the rest of his life. i just think he should live with it for the rest of his life as well as 8 years in prison. people get longer sentences in jail for alot less. a patriot’s foot ball player just got two years for carrying a gun (which he shot himself with in the leg). is the sentence to harsh, well yeah probably. but 1 year after drunk driving and killing someone, that’s a joke. THere are countries that would put him to death for that.

    the other post on polanski got kind of heated. i actually heard it came out in trial that her mother took her there to get f**ked. And that the girl wasn’t a virgin and did drugs before. so now i think send the mom to jail as well.

    but we are too soon to say liberals this, or conservative that. right wing agenda, left wing lack of morals, and on and on and on. but things like this don’t have anything to do with political isles. this isn’t about politics. but about what’s right and what’s wrong. if you let him go it’s saying the rich and famous are held to a double standard. and solidifies that notion. No one is above the law. And we are each held to the same degree under the constitution and we should each be accountable as the same.

  • Sean,

    This happened in 2008 – people change, right? Set him free! Set him free! Set him free! Set him free!

    Afterall, this isn’t even HALF as bad as druging, taking nude photos of then anally raping a 13 year old girl right?

    Set him free! Set him free! Set him free!

  • Agreed.

  • I hear there is a safe house in France, away from the long arm of the US law, not being used right now.

  • Rick

    I’d say. you can’t pay off a dead guy.

  • Rusty James

    The guy he killed accepted the risk of getting in a car with a drunk driver. So I don’t think one year is overly lenient at all.

  • Rick

    k, but he accepted responseability when he chose to drive.

  • “The guy he killed accepted the risk of getting in a car with a drunk driver.”

    Once, I was talking to a friend and he didn’t seem drunk…then I got in the car with him and realized he was way too drunk to drive. The same might’ve happened here.

    I think the sentence may be fitting. Especially if he has no priors.


  • AlexG

    Ryan M. is totally right, that’s happened to me as well and I bet it’s happened to many others. That being said, I hope he can still write screenplays in a minor-security prison, as i’m intrigued by the two movies he’s preparing.

  • Rusty James

    @ k, but he accepted responseability when he chose to drive.

    I didn’t say he wasn’t too blame. I said one year isnt too lenient.

    @ Once, I was talking to a friend and he didn’t seem drunk…then I got in the car with him and realized he was way too drunk to drive. The same might’ve happened here.

    fair enough.


    Once again SU Ed acting with the maturity and professionalism that makes us proud oversees. What is your job in the military exactly?

  • Rick

    i’m sorry, but to me, in this case, he got a cut and dry deal with less jail time then he deserves. if that was me, or you, or anybone else, it would be jail for more then just 1 year. But i do live in utah so thats where the stricter sentencing comes from. sense his was California it’s a wonder he didn’t get community service.

  • Rusty –

    “Once again SU Ed acting with the maturity and professionalism that makes us proud oversees. What is your job in the military exactly?”

    1) WTF? Is this sarcasam or was that really intended to be a dig? Terrible. Since I’m not a professional movie-news-blog-comment-submitter – I wasn’t aware any level of “professionalism” was required…

    2) I could tell you what my job is, but then I would have to kill you. However, I will give you a hint – it’s the exact opposite of setting bad guys free and I have more advanced degrees than you have inches on your prick.

    And Rusty – I just want you to know, that all of us over here are really proud of you… Whatever it is YOU do. I’m sure whatever it is, it’s far more important than what I am doing here – I’m sure you have sacrificed JUST as much as I have for your country – and I have no doubt that you are constantly meeting strangers – from all over the world – who want nothing more than to thank you when they see you, and strangers who want to buy you drinks, and old ladys who try to give you money while their husbands climb out of wheelchairs to shake your hand, and kids who write you letters. And Rusty, I know that 20 years from now you will undoubtedly have better stories than I to tell your grandchildren about your job, about what they are reading in their history books, and the role you played in shaping an entire country, and about life and death, about gratitude, about sacrifice, and about good and evil. I know, beyond the shadow of a doubt – you receive just as many letters as I from young men – who risk their lives every day out here – who have more courage in their little finger than you do in your whole body – thanking YOU – and telling YOU that they consider YOU a mentor. No doubt in my mind, buddy.

    (see, now THAT was sarcasam)

    Gotta go back to work. Have a great day. Please, go grab a beer and some real food, check out a movie, get a good 8 hours of sleep, hug your wife, pet your dog, and enjoy the coming weekend for me.

  • Rick

    sorry rusty but i think shut up ed won this one. lol.

  • sacasam-master

    lol@ Shut-Up Ed misspelling sarcasm twice while flaunting his “advanced degrees” in the same post. WTH is SARCASAM? Sounds like a prescription antacid. But I do agree with Ed that he should be set free since he’s an artist.

  • Rob

    So, Roger Avary is not only a shit writer who completely ruined ‘Silent Hill’ and did a piss poor job on ‘Beowulf'; he’s one of those rich and powerful individuals who think they can use the considerable misfortune of others to further their own careers (Avary’s numerous ‘Tweets’ on life in part-time custody that were seemingly intended to enhance his notoriety via the Neil Gaiman grapevine. Instead, they landed him in hot water, and permanent imprisonment).

    I hope that, whilst imprisoned, he gets sodomised to within an inch of his life.

  • zed

    i think roger avary is possibly going to pay alot through out his life for this ,you think 1 year aint hard time but it is ,i dont think he should of got 12 years,they all could of know he was drunk regardless they could of ,and alcohol makes u do stupid things sometimes,y ,am i saying outlaw booze? hell no ,when im drunk as hell i know not to drive,i dont even drive after 2 beers,if i drink 2 beers in the span of a half hour i wont drive,ill have to hang for something like 3 hours ,,roger avary got off cause society is trying to give him another chance it aint cause of his place in hollywood ,maybe it is who knows,i like the guy i listened to his commentary on day of the dead dvd and he seemed like someone i would get along with and if were maybe similiar in personality i know that i would be torn up inside living with what happened to him , he had the silver platter and now he has to live with this ,think how hard it is on him , he never could take it back ,if he could go back and not get in the car,im sure it bothers him sometimes,i like avary i like his movies ,i think the guy did 1 year and if thats the choice then who are we to say,there wasnt like so much media coverage of this ,the guy could of went to a mental ward and it could be classified,we dont know how much remorse he has expressed ,i dont think he should be treated special but i think 1 year aint nothing to sneeze out its a year in prison ,it was an accident ,thats what everyone should remember it was an accident ,and he did his time