Paranormal Activity Director Moves to Area 51… and Says Thanks for the Support!


Well the buzz around Oren Peli’s low budget horror movie Paranormal Activity seems to be turning it into a pretty interesting success story. The movie sat around for a couple of years while Paramount tried to figure out what to do with it, but after releasing it in just 12 theatres this past weekend, the hype is now shooting through the roof. Apparently all of the screenings were sold out, and moviegoers seem to be confirming that it is indeed one of the scariest movies they have ever seen.

The response has been so great that Peli actually posted a short video on YouTube (embedded after the jump) thanking everyone for their support. He claims that if people continue to demand the movie in their area, the studio will not be able to ignore it. Personally I’d love to see this flick get a wide release before Halloween because I really want to watch something scary in theatres that isn’t Saw VI.

In other news, the L.A. Times reports that Peli’s next film will be called Area 51 — not the video game adaptation that comic book writer Grant Morrison penned. It will be another “found footage” flick, showing a group of people trying to break into the top secret compound to catch a glimpse of a UFO. What do you think, cool or lame? Check out Peli’s YouTube message after the jump.

  • Bas

    I think COOL! Pretty smart, wrapping up the two best unused ideas for a “found footage” movie in one go. The best thing of Signs was that newsclip with the alien walking past, man that was some scary shit!

  • I would love to see that type of Area 51 movie. Awesome.

  • If Area 51 will be shot the same way I think he will have success! He is very good at the cinema verite style film making. People need to watch out for Oren Peli he has got what it takes!