A Nightmare on Elm Street Remake Teaser Trailer


In case you haven’t heard, Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes production company are bringing yet another ’80s horror classic back to the big screen with their reboot of Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Will it live up to the original? Doubtful. Still, I didn’t entirely hate the Friday the 13th reboot, and I do think the choice of Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger is somewhat inspired. That being said, I’m not really a fan of the first trailer, which just surfaced online this week.

The remake is being directed by Samuel Bayer, and you can definitely tell the guy comes from a music video background as every scene seems to be bathed in either yellow or blue light. The thing that bugged me the most, though, is the whole “little kid singing a cute song in a creepy way” trick which has been used in practically every horror movie trailer for the past 5 years. This movie shouldn’t need to resort to that crap… come on! Make me feel like Freddy’s return to the big screen is an event. I’m also not sure how I feel about seeing every detail of Freddy’s back story in the film, but I guess that’s what will set this apart from the original. What do you think? Is this first trailer everything you hoped it would be? Watch it after the jump and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Captain N

    No matter how bad these trailers turn out to be I will still go and for one reason only, Jackie Earl Haley. He has been absolutely phenomenal in everything I’ve seen him in. Even if this movie sucks, I still have belief that Haley will knock it out of the park as Krueger and make him his own and from the brief glimpse at the end we get of him, I believe that this will be another great performance he can add to his resume.

  • Jurassicalien

    The trailer was a teasre that’s for sure, agreed Haley is a great choice and if the movie is bad, he’ll at least be great. When it comes to the creepy kids that is a stable of the “nightmare” franchise, and the song they sing in the trailer was introduced in the original.

  • I don’t like the origin story stuff…really, how does that make him a supernatural power that gets in to your dreams? Am I missing something here, I can’t remember everything about the original series?

  • BigHungry

    I agree with Haley being a good choice but not sure of the voice style.

  • modesilver

    trailer doesn’t look that good but i’ll still watch this movie.

    btw, what’s up with his face? looks different from the original Freddy.

  • Bas

    Yeah, the face now looks much more like a real burn-victim. I thought the trailer wasn’t that bad.

  • stupidhead

    Are they trying to make Freddy possibly innocent from molesting kids? With the line, “why? what did i do?”


    That’s what made him so fucking creepy in the first place.

  • dardar

    Well, that’s the thing… He didn’t think it was wrong!

    She was fifteen years old, going on thirty-five, Doc, and she told me she was eighteen, she was very willing, I practically had to take to sewing my pants shut. Between you and me, uh, she might have been fifteen, but when you get that little red beaver right up there in front of you, I don’t think it’s crazy at all and I don’t think you do either. No man alive could resist that…

  • kris

    stay out of girls dreams dardar, ill see this because the film looks cherry grimmie.

    nothing will beat carlton dressed up as kruger in fresh prince.


  • Justice

    I don’t mind the song because doesn’t it come from the first original movie? Or at least one of the early sequels. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    I think it looks ok, definitely some nods to the original. Haley looks solid, but I agree the voice styling sounds off, but its only like one line so who knows.

  • Machete

    Bring this movie the fuck on! we need good horror “remake” or not!

  • Yes, Jurassicalien also mentioned it was from the original, which I do not recall, but that being the case I suppose it is forgivable. Still… overdone.

  • I really liked it but then, that may be because of my love of the original and the fact they kept alot of the iconography.

  • pcch7

    I´m excited for this because of Haley and Dekker

  • Trent

    thats song is well known in the trailer. Very cool looking. Looks cool.

  • Alex

    According to Bloody-Disgusting, Jackie Earle Haley has signed on to play Freddy Krueger in not one but three Nightmare on Elm Street films.

  • EyeGod

    I liked it, thought it was pretty cool, though I must say when I read ‘From Producer Michael Bay’ alarm bells started going off…

  • I actually liked it. I was a big fan of the series growing up. I really dig the idea of JEH as Freddy. I liked Robert Englund of course, but it got too hammy after a few installments. This could be cool without all the cheese. Might be the first decent horror remake. Though I kinda liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre a little bit.

  • Sly

    I love the original – but this looks like it might turn out to be a great remake. I hope it will be.

  • A great trailer, I’m very glad that there is still a film that I have great pleasure would like to see!

  • This is traumatic for me to talk about, but here it goes…

    Platinum Dunes pisses on my childhood with every Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Nightmare on Elm St. it releases. Of course, I’m always lured to the theater to see these travesties because I have such fond memories of Freddy, Jason and Leather Face leaving me with truly awesome and entertaining nightmares.

    These new films are:

    1) not scary in any meaningful way.

    2) lack the charm the originals possessed. (The characters and dialogue in these movies are jaded and uninspired, though R. Lee Ermey is always a treat!)

    3) get me to shell out six bucks with the futile hope of seeing one more installment of the franchises I used to love, come back to life in a way that is not crass and gimmicky.

    4) I know they’re not Platinum Dunes pictures, but the new Rob Zombie Halloweens… son of a bitch! Those wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Michael Bay’s meddling with something he knows and cares nothing about.

    5) I’m going to see The Crazies, but I hate the way the makeup effects look on the people who turn crazy. It doesn’t creep my out at all. It’s overkill. Tim Olyphant is great and I’m sure he will bring the “you should care what happens to this character” to this film that most of these remakes lack.

    Ok, I’m not totally against horror and sci-fi remakes. I just want the producers, writers and directors to actually be fans of what they are remaking. When that is the case, you might still have a stinker on your hands, but there is more of a chance you won’t feel like a sell out watching the turd.

    Predator and Robocop have a chance.

    Free Polanski and arrest Michael Bay,

    -Jeff Turner
    The San Antonio Current

  • Jeff Turner, I almost agree with you all the way. You really seem to have a fondness for the good ol’ days of 80’s horror movies… and so do I. Nothing has topped the original Friday the 13th movies, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc. However, because they were already done and done well, it will never be that great again or as exciting, however, I do think the T.C.M. remake was really good and for a die hard Jason/Friday the 13th fan, I actually really liked the new Friday the 13th! Halloween was made into a great remake, by Rob Zombie, but the second?? HORRIBLE GARBAGE! He ruined it, like they ruined the original Halloween 3, Season of the Witch. Anyway, no remakes will probably ever be as good as the originals, especially the ones in the 80’s. That was the best time. But, every now and then, one comes really close. :)

  • Shiroki

    can’t wait