Roman Polanski Arrested in Switzerland


Late last year, director Roman Polanski had filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court to have the outstanding charges of sexual misconduct against him dismissed. The charges date back to 1977, when Polanski was accused of luring 13-year-old Samantha Geimer back to Jack Nicholson’s house where they had sexual intercourse (although he claimed it was consensual, she was underage and drugged). Polanski fled the U.S. and has lived in France ever since, unable to return under threat of being arrested. Although his request to have the case dismissed was denied, the judge agreed to retry him, if he appeared in court. That never happened.

Now, today, it appears that authorities have taken steps to resolve the case once and for all. After arriving in Zurich, Switzerland to attend the Zurich Film Festival, he was arrested. Festival organizers had planned to present Polanski with a lifetime achievement award, but now he is being detained with the possibility of extradition to the United States. Ouch! It seems crazy that the man may now finally face charges after so long. I’m not even saying the charges were undeserved, but after 30 years, people change and the world moves on. What do you think, is Polanski finally getting what was coming to him, or does the U.S. justice system simply have something to prove?

  • Goon

    for fucks sake there were plenty of people including myself who you can identify as liberals who are anything but ‘lets let em go and dance around the maypole’ but some of you just can’t pass up any chance whatsoever to go throwing up partisan fences, pointing fingers, painting everyone with the same brush. And topping it off with mindless Switzerland bashing, which isn’t even factually correct about this case as per Polanski’s residence. And you wonder why so many people look at Americans with such scorn?

    Listen – there are conservatives who happen to kill and rape and cheat on and abort each other every day. And no matter what Polanski did 30 years ago, it’s hard to respect a dude who uses the word ‘pray’ in salivation of a nearly 80 year old man getting raped and killed… you significantly blur the lines between a sense of justice and pure perverted bloodlust with that shit. I would assume you’ve heard the term “I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy”, but you certainly don’t believe it when the idea of rape and murder makes you feel ‘warm and fuzzy inside’. I sincerely question your demented morality even as you throw up this holier-than-thou act. You have no moral high ground here if you ask me.

    ** after the fact edit to Rick. A No True Scotsman fallacy? Even more broad generalizations? Sad. Why don’t you look up what party is in charge in Canada before you keep making an idiot out of yourself.

  • Henrik

    “When I opened this post I expected to see more “live and let live”, “f*ck the US” type posts.”

    You’d think you hadn’t been to filmjunk lately then.

  • Rick

    “there are who conservatives happen to kill and rape and cheat on and abort each other every day.”

    then your not a true conservative goon. and I could go on and on about my un-adulterated loathing about liberals and how they absolutely disgust me because they think that this ass whole already paid his debt to society and it happened along time ago and then you have morons like bob smith who say he’s a victim of the right wing agenda. which I don’t know how you figure that when are government is radically left.

    let’s put it this way. if it was any of you people. American, Canadian, eu, where ever your from. say it was you. and you lured a 13 year old girl, got her drunk and high, raped her, then bounced out of the country for 40 years do you think that you’d be extradited back to the united states (assuming that’s where you committed the crime) you bet your ass you would.

    fuck this director. he willfully broke a serious law on American soil. and he should pay the full punishment of his actions. but what you have is a Michael Jackson thing and he paid off the girl. sorry but a bribe does not equal justice. nor wipe the slate clean.

    and the only reason Poland is calling for his release is because Obama the fuckin idiot got rid of the missile shield we promised them. so yeah, I wouldn’t be on America’s side either if I was Poland.

    and as far as everybody hating America. yeah how easy it is to say that when on the world stage something happens, everyone asks for America’s support. when it comes to human right’s, financial aid (though not anymore) humanitarian support, etc….. We have done more for other countries then any other country in this world. so if you don’t like us, that’s fine. stop asking for help from us, which I would willingly deny.

    and goon, arnt you from Canada? of course your liberal.

  • I’m going to shut down this thread now before it gets out of hand… no offense to anyone in particular. I just hate that politics always have to enter into every fucking discussion here. Just for once it would be nice to have a conversation without the words “liberal” and “conservative” entering into the vocabulary, where people weren’t just reacting based on whatever side they think they need to be on and actually thought about what they were saying.

    The world is not black and white. But I guess that’s something only a liberal would say.