New Predators’ Looks Going Back to Basics


The original Predator design was awesome. A mean-looking alien complete with sci-fi gadgets and those weird appendages hanging from the head giving it a unique and memorable look. For the sequel, the monster was more urban to fit with the new environment of the film, and although it wasn’t really met with great success, it was decent. Then along came Alien vs. Predator and screwed up the design (as well as both of the franchises some would argue), over-gadgeting the monster, reshaping its head and making its appendages look like dreadlocks. AvP Requiem sort of fixed it, but the design was still below that of the original.

What AvP Requiem tried to fix but failed, hopefully Robert Rodriguez and his team will be able to correct in their continuation of the franchise, Predators. Effects guy Howard Berger has told Moviehole that his team has now finished the design for the new Predator on paper, and it looks awesome. He is assured that it’ll be a fan pleaser.

“We wanted to have the Predator look as it did in the original film. We went back and looked at the original. I actually worked in the shop with Stan Winston [who designed the original Predator] on the first film. It was great to be able to go back to the series having not been involved in any of the sequels, and it was also great to be able to make sure we built them as Stan Winston did.”

So we got a man who both has experience with the franchise and a long-term working relationship with the creature creator. I’m satisfied, what about you? Do you have confidence in Berger and his team creating an awesome look for Predators, or is a new look even necessary?

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  • kris

    i thought that picture was a boat, a predator boat

  • haha @ kris. It does sort of look like that, now that you mention it.

  • Reed-tard

    I understand ur hate to AVP but could you really see any difference between the design of the Predator there? Really?

  • I actually thought the AVP movies were kind of fun but I agree that they sort of messed up both factions.

    They made the Predators too big and the Aliens too dumb.

    I don’t mind the predators being “gadgety”
    afterall they are alien hunters with pretty seriously advanced technology… why wouldn’t they implement it in their hunts?

    The Aliens were made too dumb – One Predator should not be able to slaughter any more than one or two Aliens easily.


  • Chriszra

    Reed,go check some unmasked pics of the Predator from Alien vs Predator then go see unmasked pics from Predator,and tell me there is no difference.

  • Machete

    This is the true Predator 2.

  • tHe JoKeR

    Uh, I don’t get the problem with how the Predators look movie to movie. They aren’t the same Predator. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that each individual Predator have a different look.

  • bullet3

    I think they just mean they’re addressing some of the horrible design decisions from the AVP movies. If you watch AVP, there’s a lot of really stupid shit with the design, like how the wrist blades for some reason now extend 5 feet making them look like edward sciscorhands, and how they’re retardedly pumped up, so they look like fat pro-wrestlers. These kinds of things are GLARINGLY obvious when you see them.

  • The wristblades are cool. But you are right about them being bloated. The Predators can look strong – that’s fine – but above all else they should look stealthy and agile – they are hunters, not bodybuilders.

  • Tommy

    The Joker brings up a good point. Maybe the Predators aren’t clones, but individuals with unique attributes. Its the only way I’d explain any inconsistencies.