Barbie Movie in the Works


The parade of moronic movies based on toys continues this week as Universal has picked up the rights to the one and only Barbie after months of negotiation with Mattel. They will turn the popular doll into a live action feature film, with producer Laurence Mark (Dreamgirls, Glitter, Jerry Maguire) heading up the project. Barbie is currently celebrating her 50th anniversary this year, although the movie will clearly not be ready in time to help promote this.

You have to wonder, is Universal actually planning on making any of these movies, or are they just buying up brand names so they can sit on them? I fail to see how a Barbie movie makes any sense at all. Then again, they previously did a series of direct-to-DVD animated Barbie movies from Lionsgate, which have apparently sold more than 14 million units as of a few years ago. Hey, if Bratz can make $26 million worldwide, Barbie can probably make twice that… right? All they need is an A-list star to play Barbie. Reese Witherspoon or Amy Adams perhaps?

  • JakeTheFatMan

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