Justin Lin to Direct Highlander Reboot


Last year it was announced that a Highlander remake was on the way, with Iron Man writers Art Marcum and Matt Holloway hired to give a fresh new take on Russell Mulcahy’s original 1986 film that would lay the groundwork for a franchise reboot. Considering that the Highlander series had slowly descended into the depths of direct-to-DVD hell over the past 20 years, I don’t think anyone was too surprised by this move. The question remains though… can Highlander actually be repackaged and sold to a new generation?

This week Summit Entertainment has apparently found a couple of people who they feel can pull it off: director Justin Lin and producer Neal Moritz, who previously worked together on the last two installments of The Fast and the Furious series. Lin’s directing credits also include the crime thriller Better Luck Tomorrow, boxing drama Annapolis, and mockumentary Finishing the Game. Well, I guess if you want someone to update Highlander and make it cool and bankable, then Lin and Moritz are probably a good choice. I can tell you this though… there’s a pretty slim chance that their take on Highlander will be anything I’m interested in. What do you think, is this good or bad news? Does Highlander deserve a remake or should they just leave it alone?

  • Justice

    Well, considering that each one was seemingly a remake since none of the damn movies makes any sense with each other, I guess one more reboot isn’t a bad idea. As long as it lays down a firm mythology that can be followed up on in future movies. Screw it, just watch the TV show.

  • Slushie Man

    Well they aren’t the ones writing the script. Justin Lin was hired to direct what’s on paper, not have any substantial input in it.

  • paulm

    My favorite part of the original movie was the flashbacks. I’d be neat to see a Highlander movie set in the past. I haven’t followed Hightlander past the third movie, so I don’t know if they’ve already done this or not. I never got into the tv series either. Maybe each movie in the new series could follow the Highlander through a different time period…

  • I need to watch the first film but I like the idea of a reboot after reading about the issues with the sequels.

  • mrbenning

    I hope the reboot takes inspiration from Highlander: The Animated Series. I’d like to see Quentin MacLeod on the big screen.

    Not really.

  • The animated movie was friggin a hot, bloody, violent, amazing, mess and I would love to see it live-action.

    A post-apoctalyptic Highlander – with only a scant few immortals left with their heads – with flashes all the way back to ancient Rome and further would be pretty damn cool IMHO.

    I doubt anyone has the balls to try it though… No, chances are this will be a pathetic, wire-fu, emotionless piece of crap complete with some teeny-bopper dipshit as the lead. 2Fast 2Furious with swords and horses instead of guns and life-size micro-machines.

  • one of the true visionaries in film can now finally reach his full potential with an astounding project like this.

  • Machete

    Look we need this! BUT with these guy’s i don’t know, this is a wait and see project.

  • DeadFox

    This could be good? Even though I hate summit for bringing the Twilight series to life. Why????!! Fuck Off Twilight!!! You Suck!!

  • Machete

    Twilight suck’s not sir, because there’s no Vampire’s in the movie’s.

  • stevie_baby

    The Highlander movies were never particularly good in the first place. There’s no way he could make it any worse than the sequels.

  • Ben

    This is an interesting idea. The original story was told in an amazing way, with the flashbacks. However, IMHO, the fades to the flashbacks and back to present were so memorable. The plethora of Queen music in the soundtrack also made it quite enjoyable, even after years of re-viewing it. A remake just criples the reboot because it falls to MacLeod getting the prize which was the original end of the story. The follow on movies and series kind of broke the whole mythos of the original storyline because there were again immortals in modern day, or ignores what MacLeod did with the “Prize”. And having to rethink the whole mythos with Ramirez being approximately 3000 years old and the Kurgan’s ruthless pursuit of the immortals seems like it would just open a new can of worms.

    I don’t know the director, and I’ve already seen a really bad rebranding of Highlander (ie Highlander 2) and hope that we won’t see a Matrix’izing of the reboot.

    New flashbacks with equally well produced fades and some way to retell the story and solidify the mythos is probably the only way that a new generation of Highlander has a chance of catching on.

  • Katherine

    How about Highlander Imax 3D. Imagine feeling like you were the one up against another immortal. Here comes the sword…duck!

  • I was a fan of both the movies and the series. Conner’s character did appear in the series a couple of times to help continue the story. The problem with the multiple movies and the series was that the original movie was meant as a stand alone. And Highlander II and The Source were completely stupid. If you were a fan of the movies and the series you can see the tie in if you avoid the two movies I mentioned. It will be hard to reboot. First off the prize needs to be defined, the time of the actual gathering needs to be defined and also if you want to reboot it with multiple films you have to end the films with a way for them to continue on.

  • Nathan

    Don’t do it! 2 and 3 were a complete joke, seriously “we’re aliens” “whoops no we’re not”. As for the series that made it on TV it too isn’t worth the paper it is written on. The Highlander was based on a set of rules that were not blurry. IE: Immortals can’t have children, There can be only one, and once the gathering has finished so have the immortals. Leave McLeod alone. The only way I could bring myself to watch a movie that proclaimed to be a highlander movie was if it told the story of Kurgen, or maybe another of the immortals. Other than that HANDS OFF!

    P.S. What the hell has that pathetic Twilight movie doing in a discussion about a real movie.

  • DB

    Personally, I’d love to see a reboot. The original was a great story, and for its time, a great movie. If that would have been the only “movie” made, I would have been happy.

    The sequels did definitely suck something fierce, but I blame the production company for the second one, not the writers. Since Sci-Fi and not just Fantasy was the “in thing” at that time, they wanted to turn the fantasy of immortals into something science fiction, and this ruined it for me. If the series had gone from #1 to #3 and then just left all the other so-called films out, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

    Word is that Scottish actor Kevin McKidd is up for the revision role of Connor Macleod, and I am hoping he takes it. It’d be good to finally see a Scottish character being played by a Scottish actor.

    And if any of the production people happen to read this forum… for the love of gods, the Quickening that the immortals receive is supposed to be the power and essence of the immortal they just killed, so make all the energies and fancy lightning effects come from their headless body, not the scenery around the winner. That ALWAYS ticked me off about the movies and television show. The only one to get it right was the first movie.

  • The Tabernacle

    They will take a wrestler to do the character.
    It will be a angry Macleod… “THIS IS MY DESTINNYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”
    Break a wall with a big machine gun……. “DESTROY, DESTROY YOU AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLL”.
    Rambo Macleod…. it could be great.
    Fuck the knowledge, he explode them with grenade and rocket launcher.. Immortal? My ass.
    Just ask to Rambo Macleod.