Film Junk Podcast Episode #235: TIFF Report, Part 1


0:00 – Intro
4:35 – Jay’s Passport Rant
11:05 – Headlines: Christoph Waltz in The Green Hornet, Steven Soderbergh to Direct Knockout, Sharlto Copley Rumoured for The A-Team, Patrick Lussier to Direct Halloween 3D, Pixar Doing Ant-Man Movie?
27:10 – TIFF Review: Antichrist
49:00 – TIFF Review: The Hole
61:05 – TIFF Review: Collapse
1:16:20 – TIFF Review: Trash Humpers
1:36:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: The New World: Extended Cut, Planet Terror
1:49:40 – Junk Mail: Hollywood Jobbers, Wasteful DVD Purchases, Will Nicolas Cage Star in Anything?
2:12:30 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:14:35 – Outro

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  • Just when I thought that there would be no podcast this week — cannot wait to listening to it. ANTICHRIST left me in two minds (one the one hand it’s brutally pretentious, but on the other hand it’s really artsy and beautiful) …

  • bullet3

    Awww, no mention of the insane announced premise for Rambo V? Where he’s fighting a mutant monster in antarctica? Hoped you’d be covering that this week.

  • modesilver

    of ALL the pictures from Antichrist Sean goes for Dafoe’s meaty behind XD

    *downloads episode*

  • Rick

    i hope antichrist get’s an american release. i really want to see it.

  • Antichrist is getting a limited US release. Don’t expect to find it outside of major markets.

  • Greg

    The ‘new’ drivers licences are not the ‘enhanced’ ones. It’s a special licence that you get that is the same process of a passport.

  • Speaking of a release in the U.S. … it was announced — at least for Europe — that there will be two versions, one uncensored and an censored version for catholic respectively more sensitive countries/markets …

  • Falsk

    A new episode of Cantakerous!? Two in two months!? Is that even physically possible? I doubt it. You should wait three months before releasing it. Otherwise our heads might all explode.

  • Falsk

    Not that I want to spam these boards, but Jay… !!!!

    When I went to get my driver’s license years ago, I had to get a new birth certificate. I was born at midnight on March 31 and, as such, my certificate has a white out where they had to change “30” to “31” and at New Jersey’s DMV, they were suspicious of the white out… and the same birth certificate that has let me into your fine country numerous times in the past had to be trashed for something with a clear ’31’ printed on it.

    Why is it that driver’s licenses require so much fucking work and suspicion!?

  • Big Hungry

    So what is that pic from? my joking guess is “The Hole”…. but my honest guess is “Antichrist”.

  • Hey, it could be from Trash Humpers too! But yeah it’s from Antichrist… Dafoe’s “meaty behind” is unmistakable.

  • why didn’t Reed go to TIFF? dude, live a little

  • kris

    you guys remind me of high fidelity. reed is Darlene from roseanne.

  • Fatbologna

    WOOHOO! Just saw Antichrist recently and can’t wait to hear what you guys thought!

  • kris

    Romero fans are pretentious

  • Henrik

    “In terms of gratuitous violence, the arthouse has nothing on the grindhouse”

    Very eloquent, but I think the major difference between grindhouse violence, and the violence in something like Antichrist, is precisely that the latter is not gratuitous. It is essential to what the movie is about. Same with Funny Games. It’s not gratuitous, gratuitous means superflous to the plot, just indulging in a violent act without it being necessary to understand the story. Like Murphy’s death in RoboCop. That is gratuitous, the stuff in Antichrist isn’t.

    Wether or not it affects you is up to the person. I think gratuitous violence is pretty uneffectful, and unless done very interesting, gets boring. But stuff like in Antichrist, it feels so much more powerful, because it is something you are working through, it fits in the themes, it adds a physical level to the characters that is not only private, but disturbing. I a way that, say, I spit on your grave, could never achieve, because it doesn’t matter in that movie.

  • dick blood

    when is film not explotation? if it isn’t it would all be “artsy fartsy”

  • well said Henrik

  • Henrik

    “Hey, it could be from Trash Humpers too!”

    I can’t believe what you are comparing Charlotte Gainsbourgh to! :-P

  • R Barry

    I thought Reed did a good job and contributed to this week’s podcast.

  • Henrik: I don’t disagree with your comment, but I think many people react in many different ways to onscreen violence, gratuitous or not.

  • rus in chicago, in answer to why I didn’t go to TIFF, I can’t be bothered to drive or ride in a car for an hour or more in order to wait in line and then sit and watch a movie. I really do have a problem staying awake watching movies as well. Movies aren’t very exciting to me. I have the patience to wait and pick up a movie on DVD.

    I have never watched a complete episode of Roseanne, but my understanding is that Darlene is a wise-ass. So I would say that kris’ comparison of me to Darlene is probably apt.

    Thx for the mild endorsement, R Barry. I hope people can tolerate me as long as I tow the party line and keep most of my “stupid” comments, opinions, and questions to myself.

  • Goon

    Reed would go to TIFF and stand in line for hours if there was some exclusive collectible involved

    did you shell out the $250 for Beatles Rock Band, Reed?

  • “can’t be bothered to drive or ride in a car for an hour or more in order to wait in line” -but that is were all the fun happens! its like you are in your own road trip movie. Star Trek is one big “road trip” what if Spock said “I can’t be bothered”…oh, he probably did, bad example.

  • Goon, you’re right. As for Beatles Rock Band, I couldn’t pass up a bargain, so I pre-ordered it from Amazon at the price of $225 (+ taxes).

    I’m sure Star Trek is filled with adventures that aren’t worth telling. During a trip, it must get pretty boring sitting at your post, looking at a star field whizzing by. (Not that Star Trek is real. I’m just saying.)

  • kris

    A Zombie Survival Guide written by and for borgs or Yridians would be nice.

  • JakeTheFatMan

    Has Reed played “Seaman” on the Sega Dreamcast? It is narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

  • kris, was your reference to Yridians for my benefit? People probably thought that word was a typo. I’m probably the only person who read your comment and who knows what a Yridian looks like.

    JakeTheFatMan, would you believe that the only Sega Dreamcast game I have is “Seaman”? I’ve been waiting to get a used Dreamcast really cheap, but I think they’ve all been relegated to trash heaps by now (and are currently being trash humped).

    With regards to “The Hole 3D”, I just read that it won the top prize at the Venice 3D Film Festival, beating “Up” and “Coraline.” Maybe Sean and Jay shouldn’t judge a film until they’ve seen all of it. Ha ha.

  • anon

    Don’t understand the Bradley Cooper hate.

  • anon, you did catch that I was only kidding about hating Bradley Cooper, right? I was anticipating that with the overexposure he is getting right now that it will be only time before the media has a backlash towards him. I haven’t seen “The Hangover,” yet, but I have seen him in a bunch of other stuff. I find it strange that people are attributing some of the success of “The Hangover” to him since all the previous attempts of giving him starring roles have not done so well or at least have not made him a “star.” I wonder if his dalliances with Jennifer Aniston have given him some star notoriety.

  • I really enjoyed Reed’s colour commentary in the podcast. But then I enjoy Reed on the show for the most part.

  • Thx, Lord Byron. Now I’m wondering what part of me you don’t enjoy on the show.

    For tonight’s podcast, I’m going to be the heckler in the studio audience.