Michael Jackson’s This Is It Trailer


It’s been about two and a half months now since Michael Jackson passed away due to a cardiac arrest, and it seems like the media overload is just barely starting to fade. As most people know, when Jackson died, he was just three weeks away from launching his new concert series in London, England, and now Columbia Pictures is trying to salvage rehearsal footage from this concert and bring it to theatres with the help of director Kenny Ortega (High School Musical). Will this be seen as a moving tribute that can help bring fans some form of closure, or will it be seen as a tasteless cash grab?

A trailer for the movie has premiered over on MySpace, and while it may be trying just a little too hard to sell it (“The Event of a Lifetime”?) it does show that there will be some touching behind the scenes footage and interviews mixed with the performance itself. It still remains to be seen whether or not they will incorporate the 3-D footage that was supposedly shot for “Thriller”, but it looks like the making of that segment will at least be touched upon. This Is It hits theatres on October 28th for a limited two week engagement. Are you planning on checking it out? Do you think it will do well? Check out the trailer after the jump.

  • Bob The Slob

    so…all you have to do to be fully accepted by society after you have sex with kids is write around 13-15 good dance songs. Got it.

  • dardar

    A) Like you, Bob, have done anything worthwhile with your life? Whatever you’ve done, I’m 99% sure it’s insignificant.
    B) Michael Jackson probably had really awkward sex a handful of times in his life. And it wasn’t with kids.

  • Bob The Slob

    A) what does it matter that I’ve done nothing? this argument is moot…by the logic of the argument you just made then all criticism of anything should be disregarded. Also, yes I’m insignificant because I belong to the 99.999999999999999999999% of the world population that are average humans of non-noteworthy status. How dare the majority of citizens on planet earth be normal…THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO CRITICIZE ANYONE OR USE FREE SPEECH!!!! Also, I called his songs “good”…just because the guy raped children, doesn’t mean his songs aren’t good…and I wasn’t saying they weren’t.

    B) right, that is why Parents received $50 million…so they wouldn’t talk about all the sex he wasn’t having with their kids. By the way, did you know OJ Simpson is innocent?

    C) How does it feel to be an idiot lemming? can you fix it with an ointment?

  • Henrik

    I think if Michael Jackson actually did do something illegal, he would have been punished in the court of law. I mean it’s not like there was any lack of people accusing him, they must have had something substantial between all of them if there was anything substantial to be had.

  • steve

    anyway, back to the release of the rehearsal footage. personally I think it is just a tasteless cash cow trying to get back money from the (probably) substantial amount that was lost.

  • Liney

    I can accept that Michael Jackson was massively talented and brought happiness to loads of people (I’m talking music here, not kiddie fiddling), but the reverential tone of the trailer suggests that the film will be unwatchable without a very large sick bag to hand.

    And OF COURSE he was playing all those gigs because he wanted to entertain more people and put on the biggest show ever, and NOT because he was desperate for the money having spent obscene amounts in a retarded fashion.

    A behind the scenes documentary that told it how it was during the last year of his life…not that would be worth seeing.