Christoph Waltz Replaces Nicolas Cage as the Villain in The Green Hornet?


Wow… the pre-production on Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet is turning into a true roller coaster ride in and of itself. First they landed Stephen Chow as a director and co-star, only to have him leave the project — fortunately, they managed to get Michel Gondry on board as a replacement director instead. Then they scored Nicolas Cage as the villain, only to have him ditch the movie as well. But now today, Seth Rogen and Sony have managed to offset the bad buzz once again with another brilliant piece of casting: the new villain will reportedly be none other than Christoph Waltz, aka Col. Landa from Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds!

Although this is not yet confirmed, the story comes courtesy of Nikki Finke, who tends to be pretty reliable. She also reports that his character’s name in The Green Hornet will be “Chudnofsky”. You know, on the one hand I hate the fact that they are basically just casting him to do the same thing he did in Inglourious Basterds. On the other hand, I’m stoked to see Waltz’s career take off because of his performance in Basterds. Whether or not he ends up winning an Oscar for it, I think it’s safe to say that QT has once again shown his magic touch and managed to take an actor from obscurity to stardom (which is not to say that Waltz doesn’t deserve it of his own accord, only that Tarantino has an eye for picking talent). So what do you have to say about this, Green Hornet haters? Does it change your mind about the project? I’d say things are definitely looking up!

  • Big Hungry


  • Maopheus

    I went to school with a kid named Chudnofsky. If true, it’s good news for Herr Waltz. I’d like to see what other roles he can get now.

  • Kasper

    I still think the movie will turn out bad, but this is a step in the right direction, now they just need to find an replacement for Rogen.

  • Steve the Dude

    It does not matter who plays the villian. We know that it won’t be Nicolas Cage, that says a lot.

    We also know that Seth Rogen is still playing the Green Hornet. That’s the REAL problem here. For the Green Hornet to work, you need a classic leading man who can act and handle action.

    Seth Rogen is a hedious slob who can not act. Loosing weight does not change the fact that he is UGLY and can not act.

    As long as Seth Rogen is the Green Hornet this can not work!

  • “Hedious” is that like a cross between heinous and hideous… I like it.

    You’re right Steve, Seth Rogen IS a heidious slob.

    Things might be looking up now that Nicholas Cage is no longer in the film, however, even when you are looking up from the inside of a toilet bowl – you are still covered in shit.

  • How u say THE BINGO!?