Film Junk Podcast Episode #234: Extract, Gamer and Halloween II


0:00 – Intro
2:25 – Jay’s Dream Review
12:05 – Headlines: Disney Buys Marvel, Fantastic Four Reboot, Guy Ritchie to Direct Lobo, Bad Boys 3 and Big Momma’s House 3, Steve Miner to Direct Halloween 3-D?, YouTube to Start Renting Movies, Summer 2009 Box Office Record, Facebook Movie Casting
25:35 – Review: Extract
43:50 – Review: Gamer
63:40 – Review: Halloween II
85:30 – Review: A Perfect Getaway
1:36:05 – Other Stuff We Watched: Mean Girls, 30 Rock, Durham County, Polytechnique, The Searchers, The Super Friends, Jurassic Park, Fanboys, BMX Bandits, Sin Nombre
2:16:30 – Junk Mail: Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 7, Panic Attacks, Zombies, Ong Bak 2 Explained, DVD Storage, Rocky IV Training Montage
2:32:40 – This Week’s DVD Releases
2:34:15 – Outro

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  • Machete

    Thought you guy’s where dead!,the site was stagnet.

  • Slushie Man

    Most sites don’t update during the weekend, and it was a long weekend here in Canada, hence the lack of updates on the site.

  • Paul Andrews

    I had a dream that I was eating a giant marshmallow, and when I woke up I couldn’t find my giant marshmallow.

    Thanks for th podcast; always a pleasure.

  • Jay – I think your view on the Jurassic Park’s heist is more intrinsic to the script then “just to get the power off”. The “physical story” of the film is dinosaurs on the loose, what the film is really about is ethics in bio engineering, or the “spiritual story”. A lot of the dialog is about man not being able to control nature and chaos theory, etc. In this way, the trading/stealing/heist of the embryos fits as it works for both the physical and spiritual story. Its probably one of the tightest scripts Spielberg has worked with.

  • crackhead

    fuck the dinosaurs who doesn’t like office space?

  • Goon

    Really enjoyed the Jurassic Park WWW talk

    glad I listened to Jay talk about Polytechnique before I rented it so I could make an informed choice about which version to go with.

  • Kasper

    An audio commentary for Over The Top would be awesome, but what would be even better would be one for Rocky IV.

  • Goon

    Watched Polytechnique already (as it is quite short)

    It’s quite good, Van Sant-ish (and not just for the obvious subject matter reason) but it didn’t pack as much as a punch as I had expected. I don’t mean to say it should have wallowed in the violence, but it was more disconnected that I’d have expected, and the final scenes of one of the two characters was written IMO rather poorly, softening the impact of the story in a way only Canadian films can in order to be more palatable.

    Still, a 3/4 or so.

  • JakeTheFatMan

    Apparently people still use telephone chat-rooms:

  • Machete

    Halloween one star! WHAT THE FUCK? 4 OUT OF 4.

  • Xu

    Hi Sean,

    Where is the link of your duel with Alex Billindon>?

  • This is the episode of the Rotcast where they introduce the Big Brother thing:

  • Xu


  • i want a divorce

    i think that alex billabong guy might be mentally disabled so go easy on him.

  • “i think that alex billabong guy might be mentally disabled so go easy on him.”

    Take it up with Devin. He’s the one who nominated Alex and Sean. What remains to be seen is how many are willing to get rid of Alex or keep him because they are against Devin. How much support can Sean muster before this week’s eviction?

  • Albert Patrick

    I thought you guys were being very unfair to Extract. It seems the problem you all had was that it didn’t meet your expectations on what you WANTED the movie to do, as opposed to what it actually did. You went into the movie assuming it was going to be one thing, and felt cheated by being wrong about your assumptions (you know what assuming does right?). It was like the movie would only be good if you wrote and directed it. You sounded just like heavy metal fanboys complaining that an album isn’t metal enough.

    “I thought this was supposed to be realistic, why is Mila Kunis a scam artist here?”
    “Bateman didn’t dig himself enough into a hole (losing your company + marriage falling apart not enough?)?”
    “Kristen Wiig wasn’t Kristen Wiig enough.”

    Those are the types of complaints you guys had for the movie, which sounds more like PREFERENCES as opposed to criticizing the movie for what it is (a sit-com similar to Office Space). I can understand if you didn’t find the movie funny (I did), because humor is subjective and all, but your overall review of the movie was horrible. I agree that “The Office” works better in making people relate more with a boss character, but then that’s the luxury of being a TV series.

    By the way, purposefully getting Mila Kunis’ and Jason Bateman’s names wrong in your review was funny the first time. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th time, not so much.

    p.s. Because you guys are great in assuming, you should know that I’m not some disgruntled Mike Judge fan… I hated Idiocracy, never watched King Of The Hill, and only find Beavis & Butthead mildly entertaining (heh heh, heh heh, MisterBateman). The only thing I’m a fan of his work is Office Space, but now I can add Extract to that short list.

  • Expectations are always a tricky thing to deal with when it comes to reviewing a film, but I don’t think it was unrealistic to expect this movie to be funny. And for the most part, it wasn’t. I liked some of the characters, but there simply were not enough funny situations and interactions between those characters. The Mila Kunis scam artist subplot is a huge part of the movie and it’s just boring and predictable.

    As I stated previously, Office Space was a movie that gets better with repeat viewings, and maybe this will be the same. But considering that I’ve already forgotten most of it, I doubt it.

  • Maopheus

    I have a feeling that the podcasts for the next few weeks at least review-wise are not going to be too good. You guys didn’t see a single good movie this week. This time of the year is the traditional dumping ground for movies (as is Jan-Feb), and everything that is coming out this week looks like dreck as well. However since you guys are going to TIFF and will almost certainly do a special show on your viewings there, that might break up the otherwise monotonous tone of the reviews.

  • Hey, some people apparently like to hear us review terrible movies! (I don’t get it either.)

    Seriously though, we won’t be going out of our way to see anything bad once the drive-in is closed for the year. The next two podcasts will be all TIFF reviews, and after that there’s still plenty of stuff to look forward to. But if it comes down to it, we’ll just review some stuff that’s coming out on DVD instead.

  • Mason

    I just watched The Perfect Getaway on Blu-ray, and I don’t think the twist was much of a problem. The filmmakers did a good job explaining the killers’ private conversations with the “rules” (a-la Zombieland?) established during the black and white flashback sequence. Still, I will give this film a 6 on my 10-point scale, probably on par with Jay’s 2.5 stars. The set up was too lengthy in proportion to the action-payoff portion of the movie. The portion after the twist-reveal could have been longer to be more effective. Think “Transsiberian”- that movie had a good balance in this regard. I did like the tonal change while watching it, but in retrospect maybe it was only necessary to make the latter part of the film kind of laughable because the first part wasn’t an effective enough thriller.