Open Forum Friday: Would You Rent Movies from YouTube?


Last week we posted about the sudden popularity of DVD rental kiosks like Redbox, and how they are just another one of the many alternatives putting the final nail in the coffin of traditional video rental stores. Now this week it looks like we may have another competitor preparing to enter the fray, with Variety reporting that Google-owned YouTube is currently in negotiations to offer streaming movies from major Hollywood studios. While there’s no debating that YouTube is one of the biggest entertainment destinations on the web, the question remains… are they already too late to the party?

There are plenty of digital video rental services out there right now including Netflix, Xbox Live, Amazon and iTunes (not all of which currently offer streaming and/or HD capability). Each of these providers typically offer a 24-hour rental within the $1.99 to $3.99 price range, with titles becoming available about a month after the DVD has been released. What would YouTube be able to offer that the others don’t already have?

Well I can tell you one thing: you can watch YouTube from a lot of web-enabled devices like the iPhone and the Nintendo Wii. The other thing is that YouTube is known as a place to go for convenience and instant gratification. If people need to see something right this second, but don’t care so much about quality, they go to YouTube. If Google can leverage some of those advantages, they may be able to steal a piece of the rental market. What do you think? Would this conflict with YouTube’s other free, ad-supported content? Can you see yourself renting movies from YouTube? Do you use any other video-on-demand services? Give us your thoughts here on Open Forum Friday.

  • Tomas


  • Big Hungry

    I already watch them free from there….

  • Niklas

    no, I would never pay to watch movies on my computer when I have on demand service with digital cable.

  • Ben

    I can’t say I would ever use a YouTube rental service – but then again I rarely rent films anyway.

  • Glendon

    My service gives me movies for a week at a time, and it’s free. I call it the library.

  • paulm

    Between the library and my cable’s free on demand movies, I wouldn’t pay for youtube.

  • Paul Andrews

    Usually, the price of a rental could buy you a decent DVD. Alogn with PVRs and the huge number of free digital channels I can’t see rental of any kind being for me.

  • Bob The Slob


  • Machete

    More You Tube Bull-Shit.

  • Tomas

    May be only good for impatient movie addicts.

  • Machete

    NO just more Shit.

  • mrbenning

    Nope. And honestly, it seems ridiculous to even propose this. How many redundant services do we really need?

  • Fuck no!

    Why rent them, when i can download the movies in much better quality?
    Hey, I’m doing something illegal. As if i care. I’m not gonna be an idiot and say its because on a ideology, but because I DONT CARE. That’s how we human are: Selfish.
    I download movies everyday, and I don’t care. Our goverments aren’t doing any better jobs, starving over a billion people, while we throw half of what we should eat…

  • Tomas

    Fuck no!…the FBI are on their way to your location right now! ;)

    If I know I’m going to like the movie, I just wait until a used copy comes along on DVD. I like having an actual DVD collection on my bookshelf.

  • Falsk

    Netflix is all I’ll ever need! Fuck everything else!