Guy Ritchie to Direct Lobo


One of the stranger comic book to movie adaptations that has been rumoured for a while now is a live action version of Roger Slifer and Keith Giffen’s Lobo. The badass alien bounty hunter was originally created as a parody of ultra-violent comic book characters in the ’80s and gained popularity throughout the ’90s. Earlier this year it was believed that Joel Silver and Warner Brothers were finally moving forward with the property, and now we actually have confirmation that a director has been named.

According to THR’s Heat Vision blog, Guy Ritchie will be taking the reins on this project, replacing Doug Liman who had been attached previously. The script was penned by The Simpsons writer Don Payne (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer). Something tells me this isn’t the right creative team to handle Lobo. I know Guy Ritchie can direct rapid-fire action sequences and edgy comedy just fine, but this sounds like it will end up being a bit too middle of the road. A Lobo movie really needs to push the envelope. What do you think, is Guy Ritchie a good choice?

To get an idea of what a Lobo feature film might look like, check out the short film The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, directed by Scott Leberecht as part of the AFI’s director’s studies program, after the jump.

  • mrbenning

    I’m not worried about Ritchie. The writer seems to be questionable, though.

  • I think Guy Ritchie will blow this movie out of the water. It’d be nice to see him do something out of his usual element and show he has more talent then he is given credit for. As long as its not about a stupid easter bunny it’ll be good.

  • It’s nice to see DC comics green-lighting more films after the success of Dark Knight – just wish they would pick better characters than “Deadman” and “Lobo.”

  • soldierboy

    Who would play LOBO? Mickey Rourke?

    Ritchie will kill this movie. He’s perfect for this project.

  • Trent

    thats andrew byrniaski playing lobo. Pretty good pic actually. too bad it will be some younger guy.

  • swarez

    The violence in the comic was so over the top that it was comedic and as such I think they could pull it off in a PG-13 film, if they make it cartoony enough.
    As for who would play lobo. Rob Zombie in a muscle suit.
    Or that Bryniarski guy, certainly looks the part.

  • I got a buddy that has a Lobo tattoo covering one calf – I can’t wait to tell him the news! Guy Ritchie needs to recapture some of that early magic.

  • rob

    lobo was my fav comic and i think guy ritchie is a douche. not too happy about this.

  • Duke Togo

    Lobo was a decent comic in mini series format, then when it went to an ongoing series DC tamed everything down and made Lobo just a boring version of the 3 stooges with a little more violence. Lobo really needs to be set loose, he’s satire and a condemnation of Wolverine and the Punisher types, it’s ok that most of his fans don’t even realize that they don’t get the joke. I guess it’s kinda like movies/comics that kids and adults can both enjoy, the brain dead fans enjoy the ultra violence and the more sophisticated can enjoy the not too subtle satire.

    I read that Lobo script writer Alan Grant had to be held back by two artists from attacking a screenwriter who boasted at SDCC that he bought a house with the money for the script he turned in that was basically Alan and Keith Giffen’s story formatted as a screenplay. Alan Grant and John Wagner have gotten the short end of the stick when dealing with movie and TV people. Their Judge Dredd script was trashed and their Bogeyman tv show wasn’t anything like their comic. Alan’s a top notch writer, he should be writing the screenplay.

  • Duke Togo


    Alan Grant wrote the DC comics scripts for the Lobo
    mini-series and ongoing comics and oneshots, he never turned in a screenplay. Supposedly there’s a Lobo/Joker comic that was completed and never released.
    Lobo seems to be somewhat of a ‘hot potato’ for DC, I don’t think they ever were comfortable with his success and seem to do everything in their power to water down everything that makes him unique.

  • Machete

    Give this to rob zombie.