Summer 2009 Sets a New Box Office Record


While there still seems to be plenty of disagreement over whether or not this year’s summer movie season was a hit or miss in terms of quality, there’s no debating the fact that it was a huge hit from a commercial standpoint. According to Variety, the summer of 2009 has already outgrossed 2007, the previous high mark for summer box office revenue. The total is currently sitting at $4.17 billion (compared to 2007’s $4.16 billion), and that doesn’t even include the forthcoming Labour Day weekend.

Clearly this stands as a testament to the fact that the movie industry is not only recession proof, but also piracy proof as well. Next time someone goes off whining about a leaked workprint, I think it may fall on deaf ears. The question remains, what exactly was it about this summer line-up that managed to bring in so much cash? Clearly Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince were the two biggest contributors, but in general, 2009 seemed to have a few less sequels and threequels than 2007. I’d be curious to know how much of the summer gross can be accredited to movies that were shown in digital 3-D. Are you surprised by this summer’s triumphant take, or not so much?

  • Maopheus

    Not surprised. It seemed to be tracking that way anyway from what I heard. However I did not contribute to that toll anywhere near as much as before. I did not see Transformers 2, I never watch the Potter movies, didn’t see GI-Joe, didn’t see Wolverine, and I thought that the summer movie season was disappointing to me at least except for Star Trek, the Hangover, D9, and Basterds. However I’ve been disappointed with many of the past summers so this year is not that much different.

  • rick

    absolutly not. there were alot of big movies that came out this summer (wolverine,star trek, transformers, harry potter, terminator, hangover etc..) with harry potter and the hangover and transformers setting records movie records. hangover = highest growisng rated r movie in history. transformers = highest grossing movie for pre ordered tickets. and harry potter for highest opening day growsing. Plus there were a ton of other movies that were just grate. like district 9, 500 days of summer, funny people, the preposal and the list goes on and on. It was a great summer for movies and i could not be happier and anxiously await for the fall and winter season and the release of the movies this summer that i loved so much.

  • I don’t understand any of it because all my friends in LA are struggling and they all say everyone out there is taking jobs at lower positions and pay?! I can’t believe Hollywood would be doing what the rest of the economy is doing – forcing fewer people to do more because Hollywood budgets always have had so much waste. Is it the upheaval in TV, radio, music that is keeping the entertainment companies from hiring?! anyone, anyone?

  • Maopheus

    They ain’t saying anything about profits, just revenue so that probably explains things.